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Recommended for: Bissell’s can be used as the main carpet stain removing and spot cleaning unit at home. Unlike upright carpet washers, they are not meant for cleaning rooms or bigger areas. Some households have both a portable unit and a full-powered . Others just keep a spot cleaner around and for more general carpet maintenance, they may hire professional help or get a rental machine.
Keep your home in pristine condition with this Bissell PowerForce PowerBrush Carpet Cleaner
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This step-by-step guide shows you how to get professional-style carpet cleaning results at home with a BISSELL carpet cleaner. For the feeling of accomplishment that comes with a clean home and the empowerment that comes from doing it yourself.

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And for homes with animals, we have your pet mess remedy. Check out all of BISSELL's specialty pet cleaning products . How to Use BISSELL's Carpet Cleaning Formulas
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The Bissell DeepClean Essential is a budget carpet cleaner designed for the removal of stubborn and deep stains, as well as dust and allergens from your carpets. It can also be used to deodorize surfaces and carpets.The Bissell Big Green have been getting some criticism about being more aggressive when cleaning and sometimes removing carpet fibers as well as dirt.How does It Compare to Other Carpet Cleaners?
The is one of the main competitors for Bissell DeepClean Essential. The two fall within the same appliance range and here’s how they compare to each other.Bissell carpet cleaners are well-known for their cleaning effectiveness and quality engineering. With so many different Bissell machines to pick from, this guide will help you find the right model for your needs. Through the reviews below, you can compare different Bissell cleaners. Drill down to the detailed reviews for a closer look.When it comes to whole-home cleaning, BISSELL is a name you can trust. That’s why Lowe’s carries a huge selection of BISSELL products. Get your carpets super-clean with BISSELL vacuums, and . Need to clean your hardwood, vinyl or tile flooring? Then pick up a or a . If your pets leave dirt and hair everywhere, try a like the . Need to remove pet spots? The BISSELL shampooer is great, but the and BISSELL Stain and Odor Remover works wonders. If you need accessories, we carry genuine like , bags and . Remember, a BISSELL house is a clean house.Of note is that this model does not have a separate pet hair collector basket feature like the Bissell 17n4. Nevertheless, the Proheat 2x Revolution machine design does facilitate the handling of pet hair, and many dog and cat owners are happy with its results. It is highly recommended that users vacuum their carpets to collect pet hair before they start deep cleaning their carpets with a carpet shampooer. More guidance on .Pet models: For pet owners, Bissell has several (like the Pet Carpet Cleaners described below). The main difference between the the Bissell 17N4 and 36Z9 and other Bissell upright carpet shampooers is the presence of a Pet Hair collector basket. If you have really hairy friends who shed a lot, this feature will help to collect pet hair before they clog up or affect the dirty water tank or nozzle area. The is designed to help pet owners keep their carpets clean and fresh smelling. This is currently a top-selling Bissell pet cleaner model. It comes with 12 rows of Bissell’s DirtLifter brushes, a Pet Hair collector basket, Deep Reach pet brush tool and HeatWave technology to maintain the warm water temperature.