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Kills:Bed Bugs, Bed Bug Eggs, Fleas, Dust Mites, Lice, Ticks, Clothes Moths, Carpet Beetles
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Several years ago, (1992), I read the lemon peel recipe in an article called "Ten Ways to Flea-Free Your Pet" written in Organic Gardening Magazine by the then VP of The Humane Society. My dog was very allergic to flea bites and had four inch long hair. I made the "dip" and applied it with great success! So enthusiastic was I, that I doubled the strength and even blended the peels as to extract even more of the ingredient so affective in ridding my dog of fleas. My dog quickly started to show symptoms of internal pain and bleeding and suffered a slow, agonizing and irreversible death from having ingested the lemon oil I so cleverly put on his hair and skin. The emergency room vets wouldn't believe my suspicions that it was the dip and mis-diagnosed him until he died of shock, alone and uncomforted by me or any pain killers. I asked the last vet on call who finally agreed with me, who tried to help him with charcoal and Milanta, to perform an autopsy for cause of death. She reported "ulceration of stomach, small and large intestinal lining to near perforation". I contacted the Center for Poison Control for Animals and spoke with a vet there. He told me the VP of the Humane Society knew the dangers of this recipe because they did studies. Eight out of ten cats died after being dipped and though dogs were less, it was a well known fact that they too could die. I don't know what else to say other than be very careful of homemade recipes and any substance applied to your pets. I sparingly (two to three times a year, max.) used Frontline on my next two dogs and my cat and they all three died of cancer! What to do?
Raid Flea Killer Plus Carpet & Room Spray kills fleas, bed bugs, and their eggs
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Your itchy pet might bring pests into your home that present a threat to you and your family. Cat and dog fleas also bite humans, leaving itchy, ugly bumps prone to infection. Fleas spread serious diseases, including cat-scratch fever, plague and typhus. If your dog or cat has fleas, the bloodsucking pests may be breeding in your carpet. But using toxic sprays or chemicals to kill them presents adverse effects to your family's health. A better choice is to use non-toxic methods to free your rugs from fleas. Enforcer Flea Killer for Carpets
Photo provided by FlickrRaid Flea Killer Plus Carpet and Room Spray | Walgreens
Photo provided by FlickrRaid Flea Killer Plus Carpet and Room Spray at Walgreens
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It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. Shake before use. Point valve away from face and push button. For Surface/Carpet Spray: Hold container upside down 2-3 feet from surface. Point actuator towards surface and push button. Apply uniformly with sweeping motion. If used on light or delicate upholstery fabrics, test in an inconspicuous place prior to use. Important - Only complete coverage of carpets, upholstery and other fabrics will guarantee thorough flea elimination. Treat surfaces uniformly from one end to the other. Carpet Application Rate: Long Shag - 1 ft/sec covers 15 ft x 10 ft; Plush/Sculptured - 2 ft/sec covers 22 ft x 15 ft; Medium Shag - 1-1/2 ft/sec covers 22 ft x 10 ft; Wood/Linoleum - 3 ft/sec covers 22 ft x 20 ft. For Use Indoors: To kill fleas hold can 2-3 feet from surfaces to be treated. Be sure to apply uniformly, using a sweeping motion, to rugs, carpets, drapes and all surfaces of upholstered furniture. Treat under and around furniture if pets frequently rest in these areas. Repeat as necessary. For Use in Pet Area: Treat pet bedding and other pet resting areas as these are primary hiding area for fleas. No need to remove pet bedding after treatment. Follow directions as for other indoor areas. For best results, pets should be treated before they return to the treated area. Storage and Disposal Statement: Storage - Store in a cool, dry area inaccessible to children. Disposal - Do not puncture or incinerate! If Empty this container may be recycled in the few but growing number of communities where steel aerosol can recycling is available. If recycling is not available, place in trash. If Partially Filled - Call your local solid waste agency for disposal instructions. Never place unused product down any indoor or outdoor drain.To use borax as a homemade flea killer, sprinkle it on your carpets, hard floors and even on your furniture. Then sweep it so that the powder settles into the corners, cracks, crevices and fibers of carpets or sofas. Let it sit overnight, and thoroughly vacuum in the morning.