Spring-like fiber molecules preserve the carpet’s appearance

When finding the best carpet for pets, consider these five common occurrences:
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Cleaning up urine is one of the most frustrating aspects of being a pet owner, and it’s just something that happens even to the best pets. Not only is pet urine a pain to clean up, but it also causes stains, damages your carpet, and leaves a horrible smell. This smell is incredibly potent and lingers throughout the house, which is not how you want it to smell when you have guests over.
Appearances can be deceiving. Even clean-looking carpets may hide stale or musty odors.
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Another key is learning your pet’shabits and what it looks like before he's going to throw up or have anaccident. (He might make hacking noises, circle a bunch of times or have astrange look on his face that gives it away.) By learning those signs, youhave a better chance of interceding and redirecting him outdoors — or awayfrom the carpet — so the cleanup isn’t as difficult.
With a little planning, you can keep your carpets clean even with pets. (Photo courtesy StatePoint)
Photo provided by FlickrStainmaster®’s PetProtect® line is the best choice of carpet for homes with pets and kids.
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Despite the occasional headaches they may trigger, we love our pets. So if we’re going to live with them, we need to adapt. This means purchasing carpet that will do the best job at protecting against the unique demands of cats and dogs. The good news is you don’t have to splurge on your carpet for it to do its job… you just need to know what features hold up well to pets and which you want to avoid.When homeowners wish to enjoy having carpeting and a family pet, they may want to explore the best kind of carpet for pets. Pet-friendly carpet is odor and stain-resistant, yet still durable. Low-quality carpeting can result in a lot of headaches and even early replacement, which is why it’s important to find the best carpet for your pets.Small animals don’t beat the carpet down physically. In other words, a carpet doesn’t have to be very durable to hold up to a Chihuahua prancing around. This means you shouldn’t have to worry about your carpet being crushed after a year of your small animal walking on cheap carpet. In this case, the inexpensive route may be the way to go because you can replace your stained carpet guilt free in a much shorter time period. Consider going with a polyester orcarpet here withor density.Carpet to Go understands that you want the best of both worlds – a resilient carpet and your family pet. We offer some of the best rugs for dogs and other household pets. Our products include stain-resistant carpeting with a protectant spray to help keep spills or other accidents from soiling the carpet. We also have carpeting that repels moisture and dirt.1. Pet accidents stain and soil your carpet
2. Pet urine and dander create odors
3. Pets bring dirt indoors with them
4. Pets may get a hold of food and get it on the carpet
5. Pets may spill their water bowlsWe understand that your family's pet can be your carpet's worst enemy. When your pet leaves its mark on your carpet or upholstery, call ZEROREZ®.