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Jun 20, 2014 - I heard about this carpet cleaning brush (rug rake) that lifts pet hair from the ..
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If, on the other hand, you have wall to wall carpets or huge area rugs, then by all means get a full sized carpet rake that can be used while you are standing up and to which maximum leverage can be applied with a long handle. These full sized carpet rakes are especially useful for hallways or large, open rooms, and for cleaning fur and hair off of carpeted stairs, as they allow you to stand on the ground or on one step and clean many steps without moving.
Another way is to use a carpet rake. A carpet rake works just like a rake you would use outside of your home on leaves. This works best for longer hair.
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Anyway, my house came with dark green carpets. No sane dog owner would ever install a dark colored carpet, but alas, it was here when we moved in. The pet hair actually get INTO the carpet. I recently purchased a universal carpet rake. It’s basically like a large slicker brush (the type used for grooming) on a long pole. Boy does that thing get rid of dog hair! The 5 Best Rug & Carpet Rakes | Product Reviews and Ratings
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For too long now, people have relied on different methods in an effort to . From vacuum cleaners to sticky paper, all these techniques may be great, but they are hardly adequate. If your main goal is to remove pet hair from low pile carpets, then there is really only one solution. The Universal Rake and carpet rake works like a charm to rid your carpets of any hairs and restore it to its clean, natural surface. Unlike rollers and sticky paper that does not really get all the hair, this rake combs through your carpets and finds even the most hidden hairs. This unique and very effective rake totally eliminates the need for any other method, overflowing vacuum bags and cords that won’t always reach some places in your home.A carpet rake looks a lot like a broom or very large pet brush. It has a long handle so you don’t have to spend hours on your knees brushing the carpet. The head of the rake or brush part is made of tiny metal or plastic nubs or needles. A lot of carpet rakes are actually not made for the purpose of removing pet hair from carpet so be cautious as to which rake you choose. Look for a rake that is labeled for rather than bringing life back to long pile carpets. The best rake for pet hair is the universal rake with tiny metal bristles reminiscent of a cat brush on a larger scale. These tiny metal pins dig deep in the fibers and pull up hairs trapping them in the head of the rake.For many, pets are part of the family and even go on trips. However, it is the car that bears the full brunt of a few pets coming for a ride along. This means that anyone who sits in the car after your pets will come out with an unwelcome surprise of pet hair all over their clothes. The Universall Rake Carpet Rake and pet hair remover rakes all this unwanted hair locks from very deep within the upholstery and carpets in your family car or home. Not only does this bad boy work better that most vacuums, but it is also very affordable and does not require much maintenance. This rake boasts of an ergonomically sound handle that extends four feet and then locks itself in place. This allows users to get to those hard to reach places such as corners, and under furniture too.7 best carpet rakes may 2017 best mid range carpet rake the groom industries perky carpet rake review furminator long hair deshedding tool for dogs large