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Carpet Cat House Condo with Perch Green Carpet ** Details can be found by clicking on the image.
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We called our new home "The Cat House" because the prior owner had 9 cats. We had to remove ALL the carpet from the house - the carpet guy almost left when he discovered the carpet on the entry stairs was dripping with cat pee! It took us about a week to dry the stairs enough to apply the pigmented shellac primer (heaters ran constantly during that period).
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I have small cats and they absolutely love this piece. The scoops leading up to the house are utilized to rest and play on. The house up top is perfect for my cats and they love to lounge in it and look out to the entire house. At 6 feet tall they feel they are on top of the world. With real carpet and solid wood build this is a Great value. Wood Cat Furniture Perch Cat House for Large Cats, Green Carpet  See this awesome image : Cat House
Photo provided by FlickrCarpeted Cat Condo Cat Perch, Gray Carpet ** Quickly view this special cat product, click the image : Cat House
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Cat furniture tower is built for sturdiness and enjoyment. Posts are solid pine wood with high quality carpeting. If your cats love high up places, climbing, or snoozing in their own special spots, they will love this tower. The beds are about 16 in. in diameter, and the cradle is 16" long. The house is about 20 x 19 inches on the furniture | cat climbing tree | unique cat furniture | carpeted cat tree Cat furniture, cat supplies, pet furniture, cat houses, cat beds, cat scratching posts, cat trees, toys, gifts and condos from 7th Heaven Cat Furniture....This cat furniture's ladder offers fun and convenience, completing a package of features that other cat furniture at this price can't compete with. The base of the structure is 18 by 18 and the condo house is 16 by 16. The cat perch at the very top measures about 55 inches high from the ground. Made of plywood and solid wood posts with stapled carpet. The side rails of the wooden ladder are colored with a wood stain and the steps of the ladder are carpeted.Customized Outdoor Cat House ... she doesn't give any how to instructions but we built one ourselves & had wood & the sheet metal roofing that I'd gotten off craigslist for free to make ours, we painted it the same color as our house to blend in and it has two levels, plexiglass windows & we insulated it with house insulation that we had left over sandwiched between the outside wall & the inside wall .......... #DIY #cathouse #cat #diypetprojects #wood #metalroofing #screws #carpet…32" Contemporary Cat Condo
A freestanding cat condo/house. Heavy framing and lots of weight to the product, the finish of plush carpet in dark brown. Two tiers and a booth to hide. Wonderful condo for cats to play, sleep and relax. When is a cat tree REALLY a cat tree? When it LOOKS just like a real tree! Some of our most popular cat tree styles are those that look like real cat trees. We offer a great selection of trees of two different types, both of which resemble real, live trees. First, our trees from Pet Tree Houses come as small as a simple cat scratching tree, to the 7 foot Large Cat Tree. Yes, the trees are real, and the branches are skillfully decorated with silk leaves. This provides a natural scratching post for your cat. Crafted of wood, cedar, plush carpeting and synthetic silk leaves,...