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There are few things cuter on the planet than a Cavachon puppy. A cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Bichon Frise, the Cavachon stays small, fluffy with an endearing expression. Because of their cuteness, owners may spoil them or let them get away with bad habits like jumping up on people or excessive barking.
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When it comes to play time Cavachons love to chase - anything! From tennis balls to stuffed animals they are excellent retrievers! Tug of War is another favorite with all of our Cavachons. They dearly love their collections of stuffed animals and take them everywhere they go – even on long walks. Dexter the Cavachon watching Animal Planet's Too Cute
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Dogs learn to love their crate as their very own special place/den. It becomes a familiar and secure place, whether in the car, at a motel, visiting or just at home. Crates should be large enough for the adult dog to stand, sit and stretch out. Ideally for a puppy, you start with a smaller crate, or block off one end, so he can't turn one end into sleeping and the other for eliminating. Dogs that have been kept in a small area and not taken out on a regular basis are harder to housetrain, simply because they've been forced to soil their living/sleeping quarters. During the day the crate can be placed in a common area so your Cavachon puppy can go use it at any time and be part of family activities, even as an observer. When it is time to nap or go to bed for the night the puppies generally do best if they cannot hear or see everything that is going on. The puppy should be close enough to hear if they really start crying, but generally a different room is best. Partially covering the crate with a thin sheet may also help. It gives them a sense of security and helps them settle down for sleep at the end of the day. We will never take a pup out of a crate when he is fussing (if we know he has eliminated before crating for the night and we have taken away food and water at the appropriate time), that only teaches if he fusses enough, that he can come out. You can usually tell the difference between, "I want to come out and play" versus "I really need to go potty." You can give him a special toy or treat, just for when he is in the crate. A soft stuffed animal, his scent cloth or a snuggle pup for warmth may also help. The puppy can be in the crate for one to two hour intervals, but a play yard should be used for longer periods during the day. The puppy will need water in the play yard if it will be for several hours. Your puppy may need to be brought out once during the night to eliminate, during the first week. After that he should make it through the nite in his crate.Introducing Your Cavachon to a Young Child Few images are as evocative of trust, loyalty, friendship and playfulness as a child with a puppy. The bonds formed between a young puppy and a child can be made incredibly strong when the relationship is formed early on. That being said, it’s very important that children be taught how to interact safely and responsibly with their canine companions. We strongly recommend that families with children under the age of 8 (as stated above) consider utilizing a personal dog trainer who will come into your home and work with your child, your family and the Cavachon puppy. Reputable and professional personal dog trainers in your local community can be found through the IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals) website. Click to enter their website. You will be able to enter your zip code to find trainers in your area.Now that you have made a choice about purchasing a Cavachon puppy, you may be trying to decide something more basic. Do you want a male or a female? There are old sayings and myths that continue to circulate among dog aficioinados. However, one thing that you must take into account when making this evaluation, is the role played by cultural stereotypes. If men or women have particular concepts about each other, they may have a tendency to project those concepts onto animals in a way that is not entirely appropriate. And of course, those stereotypes may not be appropriate when applied to the opposite sex in humans either. Most importantly, we must keep in mind that when we speak of the differences that may really exist between male and female dogs, it should be understood that these are generalities. While a male or female Cavachon puppy may be more likely to possess a certain characteristic or behavioral trait, this does not mean these generalities apply in every case.