Haylie Wieden - Certified Pet Groomer

Zoe Swan Certified Pet Groomer provides Dog Grooming and Cat Grooming services in Portland, ME.
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In terms of annual salaries, apprentice pet groomers and entry-level workers make between $11,000 and $17,000 per year in Vermont. Those who have more experience, certification, and/or training, can often make up to $50,000 per year, depending on the type of business that they work in. In Vermont, the highest paid dog groomers are those that work in retail or private salons, or those who own and operate their own dog grooming business.
Lisa is a certified groomer in our Pet Spa. She enjoys pampering your pets.
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Taking care of animals is a passion of ours and we truly enjoy having the opportunity to work with pets every day. All of our pet groomers are professionally trained and certified. Michelle is a certified groomer in our Pet Spa. She is also a kennel attendant.
Photo provided by FlickrCertified Pet Groomer and Instructor for Tabby & Jack's Holistic Grooming School
Photo provided by FlickrCertified Pet Groomer, Spa Manager and Lead Tabby & Jack's Holistic Grooming School Instructor
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Become a "Certified Pet Hygienist" & "Certified Pet Groomer"
**Follow the instructions. Groom five dogs (your own, family, friends, shelters, humane societies, craigslist ads, etc.... send the before and after pictures, take the final open book test, and that's it. You have one year to complete, but many finish between five weeks and three months.**Hello, My name is Carol Weghorst, owner and certified pet stylist. We are in our 12th year of operating in the Grooming business. We would like to thank our loyal customers and their pets for supporting us. Yes, many of those new puppies back then are still coming and are now 10 years old too. Many have passed on this year as well and new puppies keep coming in. We look foreward to another 10 years in the grooming industry.. Browse our website or call me or email me with any questions. Thank you for your patronage through the years.
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6. A "Certified Pet Groomer Certificate" Learn gentle grooming skills! ABC's multi-sensory Certified Pet Grooming Program provides a strong foundation of the essential techniques, methods and gentle grooming behaviors that will protect the pet being groomed and create a more relaxed grooming experience overall. Come to us for all your pet grooming needs.We are professional and certified pet groomers that offer grooming services to all breeds of dogs and cats. Owned by Carrie Buckner, who has been in the pet grooming business since 1999, Doggie Doo’s is sure to provide the most professional grooming services for your pet, leaving you and your furry friend satisfied. (e)Prior to the issuance of a certificate by the council, every applicant shall provide proof that he or she is insured against negligent acts associated with his or her activity as a pet groomer.