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The most common means of burying a dog fence wire is by hand. By hand digging we mean get a shovel or a teenager and start digging a shallow trench around the perimeter line you've planned. Although time-consuming and physically demanding a shovel and a strong back is the cheapest and most flexible means of burying your pet fence wire and eliminate the cost of renting a wire trenching machine. Whichever method you are planning to use, you'll almost certainly need to hand dig some areas of your installation.
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My hubby and I just bought a RV Trailer, we have two large dogs. We have plans of travelling and camping along the way. Having the dogs we choose a trailer with bunks so we can take the bottom one out, it has its own entrance for them(if they will use it)lol. We have been trying to find a cheaper, lighter way if making a fenced area for them at least 10x10 while camping. This is a very good option I think. We looked at the metal galvanized pet kennels that have a roof on them for shade ECT. They run from500.00-800.00$. Yikes. So I think we will look into something like this. Great idea. Thanks. G momma 124 items - Find cheap collar pet fence dog for free shipping, worldwide delivery.
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As affordable dog fence, a Traditional dog fence is not actually cheap it will cost your bulky amount along with good effort and huge time. Believe me, wireless dog fence would be the cheap fence for your dog or other pet containment. Now you might be thinking whether a wireless pet fence will burn a huge hole in our pocket. Don’t worry! i can assure you that it will not cost you as big money that building a wooden or chain fence around your house. In fact invisible dog fence is cheapest fence for your dog. And as a major plus point it will give your pet the freedom it has always wanted. In addition to that, this system is very flexible with boundaries, which you can change according to your desire.These are affordable kind of wooden plank fences with Cris-cross design , but cannot keep small pets from tunneling their way out. This is the another cheap fence in Traditional class.