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If you are on Facebook-there are a LOT of happy SLINX, pajama and tattcat wearing pets who are happy and wearing clothing for the first time, or for the first time without protest!.
But it's not the only example of pets with a passion for fashion. ’s  is checking out crazy animal clothes.
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Fit is another component of sizing, but even the right size pet clothes may not have the right fit for your furry friend. When you have the clothes on your pet, make sure no one area is too tight. You should be able to fit two fingers between the cloth and your pet's skin everywhere on the outfit. Make sure that nothing is causing friction at any point, especially sensitive spots like bellies, ears, and necks. If the clothes rub, they will cause damage and soreness to your pet's skin. Dog PJs - Pet Pajamas, Puppy PJs, Online Pet Stores, Clothing For Dogs, Tiny Dog Clothes, Dog Silk Pajamas, PJ Pet, PJs Pets dog boutique
Photo provided by FlickrDog PJs - Pet Pajamas, Puppy PJs, Online Pet Stores, Clothing For Dogs, Tiny Dog Clothes, Dog Silk Pajamas, PJ Pet, PJs Pets dog boutique
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Our clothing line offers everything your customers need to dress their pets, from toasty-warm coats and stylish sweaters to cozy hoodies, cute pajamas and holiday sweaters. Dog owners love our styles and easy-care fabrics, and dogs love the comfortable fit.
So yes, there is a time and a place for fashion for dogs. For some, it’s year round and for others it’s a functional thing. For yet another group of folks, they are just so not into clothing for pets. But styling pets as nature never intended can stress some animals. Unless are custom made, they rarely fit perfectly. Loose clothes can fall over eyes and ears, limiting sight and sound. And, according to Dr. Sung, tight clothes can restrict movement and literally rub an animal the wrong way, making him feel uncomfortable and restricted.
You don’t have to go too far to see a little dog in a cute outfit! All dressed up like they actually need to wear these things, people everywhere are donning their dogs and cats in the craziest outfits ever, from top hat and tails to simple sweaters, there is a type of clothing for every season, every type of dog, no matter what the occasion. Who could have predicted this twenty years ago? The bottom line is that we love spending money on our pets. It’s a lot of fun and can be a great conversation starter at dog parks, the grocery store or anywhere else.

For those that think that dog apparel should only be worn on holidays like Halloween and Christmas, guess again! Some dog owners dress their dog up every day, just like they would their child. If you have a little dog like a Chihuahua or Pomeranian, it’s even more likely that your canine will be dressing to impress. Get all your dog clothing right here at Pet Mountain.

Wild Things Pets is software to easily design and print patterns for pet clothing, hats, and accessories. All patterns draft and print to your pet's measurements and design settings. Sometimes our pets need a little extra warmth. Instead of running the heater all day spoil them with pet clothes from our marketplace. With thousands of different designs to choose from you are sure to find something fun, cute, and functional for your pet. You can even try and get matching or complementary t-shirts or tank tops for when you are out walking your pet. Our pet clothing is hard to beat, so shop our selection and find the design you are looking for!