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Look in the comparison chart for cleaners that are extra small and . We can recommend BISSELL SpotClean Anywhere, it is portable and small, which makes it easy to store and handle, but still cleans efficiently and it has received good ratings by customers on the net. It is not a good choice for big areas of carpet though, because of its small tank. Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe, FH50150 is also a lightweight cleaner and a great option for limited space.
Here we have compared the features of three of the best portable carpet cleaners of 2015, the , the and the .
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The Bissell SpotClean 3624 has no wheels for transporting it around. This may at first seem to be a disadvantage, and a number of users have lamented on this. On the flip side of the equation, Bissell’s engineers might have thought that the lack of wheels will make the machine less heavy and more compact to be carried around. It’s also one less moving part to worry about. However, if you do feel that the presence of wheels would make your spot cleaning experience much easier, compare this machine with the . It cleans just as well, and has wheels built-in. The Nobles Strive Compact Interim Carpet Extractor cleans small areas quickly with Tennant’s ReadySpace technology:
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This is where I want to help. I have created a comparison chart with the top 10 buys in the US, an easy and no-nonsense to find the perfect cleaner for your needs, and short with videos and comparisons of the 5 best carpet cleaning machines below the chart.Like all of the Bissell carpet cleaners in this report, the SpotClean Pro is reported as extremely durable, and Bissell gets very good reviews for customer service. One particular feature that many owners mention positively is how easy it is to thoroughly clean out the tanks when you're done using this machine, a task that can be difficult and unpleasant on full-sized cleaners. The Bissell SpotClean's cord is 22-feet long and the hose is 5-feet, giving it a good reach. At just 13.2 pounds, it's considered highly portable by most reviewers, although a few still complain that it's heavy, especially when filled with water.The spray nozzle clogs often, a problem compounded by adding the wrong soaps or too much soap. It sometimes leaks from the hose and the bottom. Bissell’s portable cleaner soaps are not safe for vegetable dye rugs, though that is not a problem with this carpet cleaner per se. If you find that the Bissell portable stain remover isn’t color safe for your carpet, switch off the hot water setting to reduce the impact.How does It Compare to Other Portable Cleaners?
Bissell has developed several compact and easy to use spot carpet cleaners. Apart from opting for the Bissell 33N8A, you can choose the or the . How do these compare?The Bissell SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner is a top budget cleaner, but all products have some flaws that consumers don’t like. When it comes to this product the main complaint has to do with the noise level. Plenty of customers say that it can be quite noisy, but they are willing to overlook this flaw because it cleans so well. Reviewers love the Bissell SpotClean Pro 3624 because it performs as well as some full-sized carpet cleaners, but you can use it to clean anywhere -- your car's interior, a vacation home, an RV -- or carry it around the house to refresh upholstery or carpet in high-traffic areas. Its compact size also makes it a great choice for cleaning stairs. The Bissell SpotClean has a long, 22-foot cord, a 5-foot hose, and includes a stain tool, stair tool and a top-rated cleaning solution.