Best Pet shops near Old Whitechurch Road, Cork, Republic of Ireland

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The Sand Bar Pet Shop is a boutique family-run business that offers a variety of reptiles, fish, and dogs and cats that are, for the most part, locally bred. This pet shop, which is clean and orderly, keeps a healthy stock of geckos, snakes, amphibians, lizards, turtles and tortoises, skinks and arachnids, and employs a philosophy of keeping humans and pets healthy and safe. Reptile pet owners can shop for products by Zoo Med Laboratories, Zilla, Exo Terra as well as corkbark by the pound. Eric and Darby, owners of The Sand Bar Pet Shop, are known for doing the kid birthday party tour in Orange County — the parents and kids both love seeing these scaly and slithery reptiles up close.
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Emphasizing education and at-home care, Reptile Island helps customers find the right reptile pet for their home. The store carries (in aquariums and tanks) lots of different and interesting cold-blooded reptiles such as frogs, iguanas, turtles, snakes, beardies (bearded dragons) and insects like tarantulas and arachnids. To give reptile pet owners the right tools in caring for their reptiles, this store has an exceptional reputation for customer service and knowledge of reptiles. Shoppers also come here for cork bark, Exo Terra plants and vines, the ZooMed product line, NewTek domes and Exo Terra terrariums. A family run pet shop in the heart of Cork City Centre
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