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Most people remember crayfish from childhood. I know I remember them. I used to catch them in the backyard – Freshwater crayfish as pets have become a new hobby for people all over the world. However, people should know basic freshwater crayfish care.
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For anyone looking for a quirky and interesting pet, the freshwater crayfish is an excellent choice.. They are easy to care for, extremely hardy, and often interact with their owners. While crayfish are definitely not safe for a community fish tank, it is well worth having a tank dedicated to crayfish just to enjoy their antics. How to Care for Your Crayfish and Lobsters III - Aqualand Pets Plus
Photo provided by FlickrHere's how to take care of your new pet crayfish.
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To keep your comfortable you will need to keep it in a freshwater aquarium, a fish tank will work just fine. Make sure to cover any holes in the lid of the tank to keep your crayfish from escaping. Feeding your crayfish is simple; many common fish foods will work. Pet crayfish will eat shrimp pellets, vegetables, fish food, algae wafers, goldfish, and minnows. Be careful which fish, if any, you put in the aquarium with your pet crawdad because they will attack and eat fish if they feel threatened or if they appear to be an easy snack. When using a prepared food, do not overfeed. The excess food will spoil the water.The blue crayfish is generally a common brown papershell crayfish that is missing one gene, causing a color morph. They look like very small lobsters, and make interesting pets when given proper care. Crayfish will often redecorate their homes by moving plants and other decorations around.Crayfish are attractive, beautiful freshwater lobster-like creatures. They make great aquarium pets, as they are easier to feed and care for compared to fish. However, when you are keeping crayfish as a pet, you need information on the amount of water this creature needs. Many people end up losing their pet crayfish because they do not have proper knowledge about the water needs of crayfish.Crawdads -- also known as crawfish, crayfish and mudbugs -- are nocturnal arthropods, crustaceans similar to lobsters. While typically considered a delicacy, they're also suitable as aquarium pets. Catch one in the creek, or purchase one from a pet store. Care for him as you would other crustaceans, and he might live 20 years.Many pet shops have blue crayfish, or can order them for you. Be careful to use only reputable shops that care well for the animals they sell. Online retailers also sell blue crayfish that are shipped directly to you. Crayfish can also be found in ponds, rivers and streams where the water is slow moving and shallow.Crayfish can be great alternatives -- or additions -- to fish when you're setting up a tank. They are small -- some as little as 2 inches -- and very easy to keep. Best of all, they are a lot of fun to watch as they go about their business, walking around searching for food or just exploring their surroundings. Because they are so easy to take care of and require little attention, they make ideal pets for kids or those who don't want to spend too much taking care of a pet.