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The High Tech Pet power pet electronic patio pet door for sliding glass doors features dual range controls that let you set both inside and outside activation distances. Made of high-quality aluminum and tempered glass with a powder-coated finish, the patio door insert easily fits into your sliding glass patio door track.
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This High Tech Pet power pet electronic patio pet door for sliding glass doors is pre-installed in an aluminum-framed glass insert that fits easily into your sliding glass patio door. The pet door is activated by an ultrasonic waterproof collar (included) that will not interfere with or be affected by other electronic devices. The door features a directional sensing system that opens the door only when your pet is approaching. 8 in. x 10 in. Power Pet Electronic Patio Pet Door for Sliding Glass Doors
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The electronic patio pet door models by High Tech combine the innovation and security of the High Tech Pet automatic pet doors with the convenience of a patio panel. The patio pet panel used in all of the electronic High Tech patio dog doors is the . This Ideal patio panel will only fit with aluminum sliding glass doors. Since these electronic patio pet doors are fully automated, they will work for any size dog or cat up to 120 pounds.Power Pet electronic doggie and kitty doors come in medium and large sizes to accommodate all pets from very small to extra-large. They are designed for quick, easy installation in doors, walls and sliding glass patio doors. You should purchase a genuine Power Pet door if you are looking for the Best insulated and energy efficient, most Secure, reliable and dependable pet door made. Yes, these are high end pet doors but, you'll quickly see that genuine Power Pet doors are a great value for your hard earned money when you consider quality, features. and that fact thatThe Ideal electronic cat patio pet door combines the Ideal Fast Fit patio panel with the . This Ideal cat flap is larger than the Catwalk cat flap, so if you have a larger or heftier cat, America's Pet Store recommends the Ideal electronic cat patio panel over the Patio Pacific. Keep in mind though that if you have vinyl sliding glass doors (typically made by Andersen or Pella), this Ideal electronic cat patio door will not work for your. We have had success with the Patio Pacific patio pet panels working with certain vinyl sliders, so if you have any question as to whether the patio pet panel of your choosing will work with your sliding doors, please contact America's Pet Store customer service for assistance.electronic dog door, dog door, automatic dog door, dog doors for sliding doors, sliding glass dog door, electronic dog doors, dog doors for walls, sliding door dog door, screen door with dog door, patio dog door, best dog doors, ideal dog doors, dog door installation, large dog door
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