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This particular fake grass mat measures 12 inches by 16 inches. It is a rather small fake grass carpet, but can be the for small dogs or for creating a simple and small indoor space with an outdoor feel. There are also larger sizes available to create larger areas of artificial grass for your needs.
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Dogs, especially those who are trained, head outdoors to pee. However, there are dogs which are fond of peeing indoors which affects the condition of the furniture and carpets. For problems such as these, fake grass for dogs to pee on is the answer. Fake grass is every dog owner’s solution to dogs which are still being trained on the proper way of relieving themselves. Definitely, to have fake grass for dogs to pee on can get rid of problems such as soaking-wet furniture and stinky carpets due to dog pee. Fake Grass Carpet Lake City, Colorado Drainage, Grass for Dogs
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The lawn is where homeowners spend time to relax and slow things down. Being an important part of the home, the lawn needs to be in constant care and maintenance. The lawn needs to be groomed and watered to be able to preserve its lovely appearance. This may sound easy, but that is not the case if there are dogs in the house. The lawn is definitely the best place for pets to unleash their playful side, and due to this, keeping the beautiful appearance of the lawn becomes challenging. For homeowners who have dogs that are fond of playing in the lawn, fake grass for dogs is the best solution. Now, even if the dogs play all day long, the lawn remains to be as gorgeous as it is.Coast to Coast Turf carries a varity of used artificial turf for dogs and dog run flooring. Keep your dogs and facility clean. Give our expeieced staff a call to upgrade your doggy day care, dog parks, agility centers and kennels with our fake grass for dogs. We can supply the artificial turf and also provide professional installation. Despite my , I understand these products are helpful for potty training some puppies and of course they can be helpful for people with physical disabilities or for certain dogs with disabilities. I understand some people NEED to use pee pads or fake grass for dogs if they work long hours and have limited options for dog care. I get it.For example, as a pet owner chances are you have likely had to scrub muddy paw prints from your carpet or mop your floors or take the time to wipe your dog’s feet every time that they go outside and come back in. With fake grass for pets you will now enjoy a mud free environment.