Finches make good pets for bird lovers.

Despite not being a ‘simple’ as people believe, Zebra Finches are wonderful pets.
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A zebra finch (or a few) makes a fun pet for the right family. While these birds are colorful, active, and pleasantly vocal, they are not “hands-on” pets. They are too small, fast, and nervous to be handled. However, if you enjoy watching birds and listening to their interesting sounds, a zebra finch is likely the perfect pet for you.
There are many kinds of finches, , and several are commonly kept as pets. Zebras are one of the smallest, but all of them are good pets.
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Great pets for children, finches are easy to keep and care for. Canaries are most popular with bird keepers for their brilliant plumage and the beautiful song. They both make excellent additions to your family and can be very rewarding to care for. Attracts American Goldfinches, Purple Finches, House Finches, Chickadees, Nuthatches, Titmice, Exotic Parakeets and other outdoor pets.
Photo provided by FlickrAttracts American Goldfinches, Purple Finches, House Finches, Chickadees, Nuthatches, Titmice, Exotic Parakeets and other outdoor pets.
Photo provided by FlickrSome common species kept as pets include the Zebra finch, Society or Bengalese finch, Java finch and Gouldian finch.
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For a list of foods that are harmful to finches (and most pets) please see the article .This article also provides tips for getting your finches to eat more foods than just seed.Zebra Finches make wonderful pets. They are generally easy to care for, less expensive, quieter and less work than the majority of pet bird breeds. They are an excellent choice for the novice bird owner. Unlike many of the other pet bird breeds, Zebra Finches are not birds that can be handled or allowed out of their cage, nor can they be taught to talk or do tricks. They are birds for owners to enjoy by watching them and listening to their lovely song. Due to their easy care, they make fantastic pets for offices and classrooms.Finches are wonderful birds for anyone looking to just enjoy watching their pets and listening to their light and sweet voices. Zebra finches, like other finches, are very hardy little birds and active during the day. They are also very easy and fun to breed, and there is nothing as amazing as seeing an egg in the nest or hearing the peeping from a baby for the first time!Like all pets, birds such as canaries and finches are complex creatures who need good preventive veterinary care, as well as care when they are ill or have experienced an injury. It’s a good pet owner’s responsibility to observe her pet’s daily routine and condition, look for any signs of change or illness, and seek help from an avian veterinarian when necessary.
Closeup on my cellphone, I've tried to minimize shaking but its not perfect. he is trying very hard to impress a female in the same cage.

Otherwise known as Taeniopygia guttata, its the most common petshop finch around here. This ones name is Alex, one of the few surviving ones we've handfed since birth. He was born was polio and was abandoned in our aviary.

Alex passed away August 19, 2012, was found Monday morning unconscious, Apparently he died in his sleep. He was approximately 10 years oldThough they are both finches, canaries and society finches as we know them don’t actually exist in the wild! Society finches were raised by the Chinese and Japanese for hundreds of years. After all this time raised as captive pets, they have changed from whatever wild finch is their forebear, and they are eminently suited to life in a cage or aviary. Canaries have been kept for hundreds of years as well. The Spanish first started keeping, breeding and trading in the singing finches native to the Canary Islands. Over time, canaries have developed into numerous breeds, none of which bear a resemblance to wild finches anymore. Even though canaries are not found in their pet forms in nature, there is one spot where they have been released and thrive. In 1911 canaries were released in the Hawaiian Islands, and there are still some on the Midway Atoll. Yes, bright yellow “Tweety” birds,