Flea Stoppers is guaranteed flea control in carpets for a full year.

. Flea carcasses were few and far in between, and fleas continued to persist in my home.
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Kill flea eggs and larvae in carpets with special flea pest control productswhich target in their immature stages. Thebest and safest flea management program is one that prevents an infestation ofadult biting fleas. - in aninfested carpet or rug - make up about two percent of total fleas in carpetedhomes. Approximately eighty percent of the flea population in your homeare in two immature stages: and .
There are four stages in the flea life cycle: , , and . Fleas in their adult stage usually have to be killed with an insecticide (, , etc.) but the majority of immaturepests can be controlled with the use of special flea pest controlproducts. The two most popular products for killing flea eggs and larvaeare Flea Stoppers boric acid and an IGR spray. An IGR (insect growthregulator) can be used alone for the prevention of a flea outbreak or can bemixed with an insecticide when spraying for severe indoor flea problems.
The flea pupae are protected by their cocoons; insecticides and insect growthregulators rarely penetrate and kill this stage of the flea. is a liquid concentrate that is labeled for killing all four stages.

“We had used a well-known commercial product on our carpet to control fleas. Needless to say, we will never use boric acid again.”
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Environmental Carpet care treats your carpet with Borate-based M-7 carpet treatment. M-7 is a non-toxic borate crystal salt that damages and kills the fleas, eggs, and larvae. This treatment is recommended by the City of Santa Monica Office of Sustainability and the Environment as a non-toxic method of flea control in the home. Table Salt is sometimes added to diatomaceous earth and to borax to control fleas in carpets and in cracks.
Photo provided by FlickrThe most important tool for flea control in carpets and rugs is a vacuum cleaner
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If fleas have taken over your home, consider Borax for flea control. Borax is an active ingredient in many commercial flea control sprays, helping to kill fleas by drying them out. It can cause minor skin, eye, and throat irritation, but is otherwise considered safe for your family and your pets. Effective over long periods of time, a single Borax treatment can continue to kill fleas and their eggs for up to a year. Just apply it to the dark parts of your home and let it take care of your flea problem.Insecticide Application - Once fleas become established in a home, insecticides are almost always needed to control them. Always read and follow label directions on the insecticide container. Other than the person performing the application, people and pets should be out of the house during treatment. People and pets should also remain off treated surfaces until the spray has dried. This may take several hours, depending on carpet type, ventilation and method of application. Opening windows and running the fan or air conditioner after treatment will enhance drying and minimize odor. Vacuum any Borax powder remaining on the furniture. Otherwise, let everything be for 24 to 36 hours after applying the Borax. After that, begin vacuuming as normal. This will dispose of any dead adult fleas and desiccated corpses. The Borax should remain active in your carpet for up to a year to control further infestations. However, if your carpet is washed or deep cleaned, it will be necessary to reapply the Borax to maintain the protection. You may also reapply Borax powder if it doesn't seem to maintain its efficacy after the initial application.Bio Spot Carpet Powder contains Nylar insect growth regulator and is used on carpets to kill fleas and ticks. Bio Spot Carpet Powder has a fresh, pleasant citrus scent and kills all stages of the flea life cycle. Each container treats up to 400 square feet and protects for up to 12 months.