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Give your pet the easy way up and down with the Petmaker Foldable Pet Staircase. Allowing him to safely climb up to the couch or bed, these stairs help avoid the wear and tear on joints that comes from the constant impact of jumping. Perfect for all kinds of pets, especially puppies, kittens and senior animals, it’s super easy to use and features carpeted stair treads for better traction. The foldable design can be stored in the closet, and it features a locking system that keeps the stairs in place during use. It’s all about safety, as well as making it easy for your pet to join you for a snuggle!
Foldable staircase allows small- or medium-sized pets to reach elevated areas easily and includes side rails and carpeted treads for safety
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For puppies, kittens, and older dogs and cats that need a little help to get where they're going, this Foldable Pet Staircase is a leg up on the rest! Pupstep Plus XL Foldable Pet Staircase on sale @Coupaw (Holds up to 200lbs - perfect for large/senior dogs and tall beds!)
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