Cats and Dogs for Adoption: PetSmart Saves Lives

Pets for Vets: Free Pet Adoption for Veterans - Atlanta Humane Society
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Many of our cats and dogs can be flown to their new homes in the U.S. or Canada for free. Most of the pets that qualify for these free flights can be adopted without the adopter needing to visit our Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah. However, because some of our animals have special needs (either behavioral or medical), we ask that interested adopters come to the Sanctuary to meet those pets. Email for more information.
Feb 22, 2017 - Free adoption raises awareness and helps pets find homes
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Celebrate summer this year by adopting! All July, adopt any cat or dog 6 months or older for free. Don't live near the Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah? No problem! Many of these pets can fly to their new homes for free, anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. from any jurisdiction are welcome to adopt any of our shelter pets for free
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Veterans, active-duty military and their families can adopt pets for free at several county animal shelters during Memorial day weekend, from May 26 to May 28.BPF wants every pet to be in a loving, forever home and the facts show that free adoption advances this goal. Our survey of October adopters reflected 96% of pets were in their adopted homes three months later and 90% of adopters said they would adopt again. Maddie’s Fund surveyed adopters from a free adoption event in San Francisco showing the 95% of dogs and 93% of cats were still in their forever homes 6-12 months after the event. Return rates had not increased, and in fact, return rates were lower than normal! Similarly, The Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science published a study reporting free adoptions were found to have no impact on the value of pets in the eyes of adopters. People who get their pets for free love them as much as people who pay a fee!Free adoption raises awareness and helps pets find homes. The publicity surrounding EMPTY THE SHELTERS drew wonderful people, many of whom had never been to a shelter. After our October ETS in Michigan, 1,275 adopters completed surveys revealing 54% were first-time adopters. The waived adoption fee and buzz of the event encouraged 600 people to give adoption a try! We hope these 600 people will inform and inspire their friends to adopt for the first time. By exposing more people to the unbelievable joy of adoption, we can save more lives!The adoption fee for dogs and cats includes your new pet’s spay or neuter surgery, microchip (for dogs only), age appropriate vaccinations, deworming, and an offer for 30 days of free pet health insurance from . Cats and kittens can be adopted two for the price of one through our Adopt-A-Buddy program.BPF works with shelters to ensure pets go to happy homes. During ETS, all shelters and rescues have the same requirements and procedures as they would on any other day. Screening, applications, conversation and other protocols attract serious adopters who are matched with an appropriate pet for their lifestyle. Additionally, BPF equips adopters with important pet care tips to make sure pets get off to a happy and healthy start. Our recent survey of 48 shelters reported 93% of adopters were of very high quality. Free adoption events work to connect great people with great pets!“We are happy to announce the Sacramento SPCA’s participation in the Bissell Pet Foundation “Empty the Shelters” Free Adoption Event on March 18, 2017. During this one day event, the Bissell Pet Foundation is sponsoring the adoption fees for all pets. Join us at 6201 Florin Perkins Road on March 18 between 11am – 6pm to meet the next love of your life – and help us Empty the Shelters!”