36"H Freestanding Pet Barrier with Walk | through Door | Frontgate

Dynamic Accents Walk Through 5 Panel Free Standing Pet Gate - Kmart
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#1. Richell 150-Design One-Touch Pet Gate
#2. 32 in. Walk-Through 5-Panel Free Standing Gate
#3. Richell 3-in-1 Convertible Elite Pet Gate, 6-Panel
#4. Cardinal Gates Perfect Fit Pet Gate
#5. Richell-Extra Wide Tension Mount Pet Gate
#6. Primetime Petz 360 Degree Z
#7. Richell Mission Aztec Freestanding Pet Gate
#8. Richell Wood Freestanding Pet Gate
#9. Hard Wooden Freestanding Pet Dog Gate
#10. Free Standing Pet Gate

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This free standing walk-through dog gate is great way to give your pet boundaries, yet allow for easy passage from one area to another.
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There are tall pet gates made exclusively for large dogs so they can’t just walk over them or knock them down when they want to go through. Some that are attached to the wall or doorframe have walk-thru gates that lock so even though your dog can’t get through, you still can. Or, if you have a large dog that’s very calm and won’t try to knock the gate down, you can get a tall freestanding pet gate that you can set up and take down without touching your walls. If you want to leave the gate up for a longer period of time, choose a pet gate that can be installed into the wall for added strength. Walk Through 5 Panel Free Standing Pet Gate - Artisan Bronze
Photo provided by FlickrDynamic Accents Walk Through 3 Panel Free Standing Pet Gate - Kmart
Photo provided by FlickrOct 26, 2016 - Walk Through 3 Panel Free Standing Pet Gate - Black
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OVERVIEW: Made by Dynamic Accents, this Walk-Through 5-Panel Free Standing Gate is easily the second one of the best dog gates indoor for pet safety. It has a mahogany finish that the company claims is “pet friendly,” and it is 32 inches high (a little bit shorter than your average three year old).Crown Pet Products is proud to offer Freestanding Wood and Wire Pet Gates and Metal Pressure-Mounted Pet Gates with a Walk-through Door. Both are high quality, durable gates that are designed to match any décor, while comfortable & safely securing your pets.WHY IS IT AT #2? I decided to list Walk-Through 5-Panel Free Standing Gate as the second best dog gates indoor right after the first because I found out that the zig zag panels opened up to a certain length, but were a little hard to get into for a human. Also, the finishing only had one option, so you didn’t have much versatility there. Still, it seems to be a fantastic pet safety gate according to many reviewers.The Highlander Free Standing Walk-Through Dog Gate in Black keeps your pets contained while keeping your home decor looking nice! Gate folds flat for easy storage or transport. Top quality, handcrafted mortise & tenon panels and a powder coated steel frame ensure lasting durability. Dog gates are easily customized by adding additional panels making these gates ideal for use in open floor plans. touch fastener strap included with 5-Panel gates for securing pen-type formations and for storage. Double Acting hinges allow these gates to be placed in multiple formations for challenging openings. Made in the USA.