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toads inplace of frogs, not even finding frogs as secondary pets?
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Below you will find our list of the four best pet frogs for beginners. We chose these species for a variety of reasons, but mainly for their great track record as pets in captivity.
Although pet tomato frogs may live as long as 10 years, six years is the average.
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The main issue with finding an appropriate covering for your tank is 2-fold. On the one hand, preventing the escape of a beloved frog pal is the ideal, and on the other, good ventilation is necessary for the health of your pet. Little Live Pet Lil Frog (SKU: 28217)
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You may need a special license to keep frogs in some countries. I hear that in Australia it is actually very difficult to obtain an amphibian license, and people who keep frogs without such a license can get fined heavily for it. You should definitely check to see if there are any special laws pertaining to keeping frogs in your area before you get one as a pet!I saw the cutest little frogs in the pet store called "Pixie frogs"- wow! They were these tiny little green things (almost an inch long in size) and even their name was cute....
Poison dart frogs can be kept as pets, just like other frogs. This is because, for some unknown reason, when they are kept and bred in captivity, poison dart frogs are not poisonous. Scientists think maybe this is because their diets are different.
Poison dart frogs can even be bred in captivity. The green poison dart frog, , was among the first to be bred in captivity and is still a favorite as a pet. also breeds well in captivity. is the easiest Phyllobates species to breed.The next day I went to an Annual Reptile and Amphibian show that took place at out local Science And Industry Museum...there I saw that those same sweet little frogs that I saw in the pet store the day before GROW to become these incredibly FAT frogs about 8 inches long!!!!! That means those cute things would have been eating mice and big ol' bugs and such...something I was utterly UNprepared for!!!If you want your frogs to breed, put 'honeymoon huts' in your vivarium. A honeymoon hut is a half of a coconut shell with its meat removed. Saw a door in it, turn it upside down and put a petri dish inside with water and a leaf in it. Your male frogs will go inside and call to the females. The frogs can also hide in the honeymoon huts if they are feeling stressed.So, the moral of this story is, find out about the frog you want to get BEFORE you get it!Your frog, if well cared for, should live for a very long time! That means you're going to run into the same problem everyone with pets runs into whenever they go out of town for vacations..."Who's gonna care for my pet while I'm away??"For the first frog encounter, I strongly recommend the . These guys are small, active, cute, and about as difficult to maintain as a tank of goldfish. You also don't have to deal with live bugs and they can be kept in the same conditions as goldfish for extended periods of time...(as long as there is a cover!) Dwarf frogs are very easy to take care of once they've become used to their new home. As with all fish, expect the first couple of weeks for adaptation time (many times pet stores will sell frogs that are already sick, or that are very very small and which may be a bit fragile in the first couple of weeks.) My sister had terrible luck with the baby frogs until she learned to wait for 2 weeks before she names her new pet (Usually, by then you can tell if the frogs will make the long haul) The best recommendation here is to get them at a decent size. Avoid really skinny ones or ones that are as small as your pinky-nail. In addition, if the frog doesn't give the pet shop owner a really hard time when the net goes into the tank, it may indicate some initial signs of being in less than perfect condition.