Product - Travel Hound Front Seat Net Pet Barrier.

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Solvit Front Seat Net Pet Barrier keeps your dog from inviting him or herself into the front seat, thus reducing driver distraction. Micro-mesh material improves driver visability and is guaranteed ";claw-proof.";
Keep pets from bounding into your lap as you drive with this barrier, which attaches easy to the front seats of most vehicles
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Keep your pets safe in the back and help reduce driver distraction with Solvit's Sta-Put Front Seat Net Barrier. The barrier installs easily in any vehicle with headrests. Raise the headrests, let the mesh barrier pop open, slide the support rod into place and attach the barrier to the headrests with the included straps.
Photo provided by FlickrKeep your pet safe from driving your car and getting in the front with the Guardian Gear Front Seat Vehicle Pet Barrier in Black!
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The Solvit Front Seat Net Pet Barrier keeps pets in the back seat and out of your way, giving you the peace of mind knowing they can't jump in your lap or get under your feet while you drive. The barrier is made from a micro-mesh material that is designed to be easy to see through, and it's guaranteed "claw proof," so even the feistiest pet shouldn't be able to claw through it. The mesh netting is attached to a pop-up wire frame that keeps the net from sagging and make it a easy to install and uninstall. A central support rod increases the net's strength, and a tubing device with attached strap helps hold the net barrier firmly in place. Whether you have a sedan or an SUV, the Front Seat Net Pet Barrier is designed to fit your car -- and any car with head rests. It also comes with a handy storage pouch for your convenience.Universal Sta-Put Car Net Barrier by Solvit®. Includes storage pouch and is covered by Solvit's. The Solvit Front Seat Net Pet Barrier keeps pets from "inviting" themselves into the front seat area by blocking the space between the front seat and console. Once you've installed the Solvit Front Seat Net Pet Barrier in your car, your pets can enjoy the ride in the back seat, and you can feel good knowing they won't be trying to get under your feet or jumping in your lap while you drive.This car seat meshes netting pet barrier will help you to prevent your dog from going into the front seat area. It has a zippered door opening to allow you to reach your pet. It also has adjustable elastic straps attached to handle and bottom of chair to keep the barrier in place. It is easy to install and remove. You can connect two metal rods together and insert into the loop on both sides of netting so you can adjust the high of the netting and keep the netting panel more firmly.Vehicle pet barriers keep dogs from jumping into the front seat of your vehicle while you are driving. Having a rambunctious dog in the car that won't stay in the back seat can be dangerous. With all the other potential dangers of the road, this is one that can be easily remedied with one of our quality vehicle pet barriers. This is the best pet barrier that will keep your pet at the back and make your drive safe. It has durable see through mesh and pet’s claws won’t get caught. This pet barrier can be raised nearly to the roof, and it has added metal poles at the top to hold the barrier against pushes. It has extra strips at the central bottom to enhance the blockage of the console area. This pet barrier is easy to install and remove with hooks and adjustable straps. It can be attached either to the handle of the door or the front seat headrest.