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Follow the link below to see the anatomy of a PETG Media Bottle.
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Non-oriented PET sheet can be to make packaging trays and . If crystallizable PET is used, the trays can be used for , since they withstand both freezing and oven baking temperatures. As opposed to amorphous PET, which is transparent, crystallizable PET or CPET tends to be black in colour.
Honoring outstanding independent pet stores in a variety of categories
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ASNI set up spay neuter programs and services for dogs and cats in impoverished areas throughout the world and provide funding to enable underserved communities to care for and sterilize their pets. According to Dogs on Death Row and PETA, each unspayed female dog and her offspring can potentially produce up to 67.000 puppies in her seven-year lifespan. Granted, most of these puppies will not live to maturity, and will suffer the diseases that inflict great misery such as parvo, distemper, hepatitis, along with infestations of parasites and being involved in accidents. One of the C & G Pet Sitting policies includes the .
Photo provided by FlickrOne of the C & G Pet Sitting policies includes the .
Photo provided by FlickrFor dogs and other pets, toys are not a luxury, but a necessity.
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Launched in 2005, Buddy G's line of crystal jewelry and accessories for pets and their owners has quickly expanded in the U.S. and European markets. What began as an adornment to a cherished canine for a fashion show has grown into full line of products which are experiencing great appeal among pet retailers and their customers. Buddy G's has quickly expanded to major stores throughout the U.S. and Europe and can now be found in such retail giants as Dillards and Harrods.

Owner, Karen Giarrusso, an animal enthusiast and jewelry designer decided to decorate her favorite canine, Buddy G, with crystal jewelry and the response to her creation was so overwhelming that she took it to the next level, starting Buddy G's Pet Accessories. Handmade with the finest crystal the line continues to expand and now offers many styles of dazzling crystal collars such as mesh, stone and link. Clip on collar charms and furrettes (pet barrettes) in many pet related designs, such as bones, hearts, paws and mini-charms of cats and mice for favorite felines are among the many creations of owner Giarrusso. And of course, Ms. Giarrusso, did not stop there. What could be more fashionable than matching necklaces, bracelets and earring for the proud owner.

Ms. Giarrusso says, "Today, I receive pictures of pets and owners everywhere showing off their Buddy G's collars, collar clips, furrettes (hair) accessories and jewelry. It truly puts a smile on my face every time I see a dog or a cat (even ferrets, goats and bunnies) and their owners wearing something that I have put my heart and soul into designing and producing."

Giarrusso also stands behind her love of animals by donating her products for proceeds to be used toward the human treatment of animals. Last year, her products helped the Trigg County Human Society in Kentucky raise money for their animals in need. Karen wants to help people learn about causes like this so that these "little guys and even big ones (horses get abandoned too) that have no voice can get much deserved help."

Vaccination Requirements: For your protection and ours, it is our policy that all dogs and cats that we are caring for are current on all their vet recommended immunizations (rabies, distemper, parvo, and influenza). Illinois law requires that all owned dogs and cats must be vaccinated against rabies. Please be prepared to provide us a copy of your pet’s immunization records at the consultation.I will care for your pets in your home or mine. I have over 30 year's experience with all types of pets. I have had cats, dogs, birds, rodents and reptiles as pets for most of my life. I can board your dog in my large, escape-proof fenced-in back yard. In addition, I can come to your home to walk, feed, and play with your pets while you're away.During our first visit, we will go over the necessary paperwork, answer questions, transfer keys and tour your home while discussing detailed instructions on how to care for your pets.