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by the by... I am posting an article from a gecko inzine I am on about Chain Pet Store Geckos: (PS: sorry it's so long, I dont know how to post it any other way than copy paste and I think all of you wil find this info very helpful as well as quite disturbing!)
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It could still be either of these geckos even with the mashed fruit, I mean, how many times have we seen pet stores screw up? I guess if you really want to know what he is for sure, you should probably go back and ask about him XD in pet store Leopard Geckos. Most
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Captive-bred leopard geckos can be found in pet stores, at reptile shows and on the Internet. Many breeders have websites where you can learn about, select and purchase healthy leopards, which range in price from $20 to $3,000. There is a huge collector market worldwide for the rarer variations of leopard geckos.Live insects are a must for your gecko; they do not eat plants or veggies. The best items to use are mealworms or crickets, but you can treat your pet to waxworms or superworms once a week if you wish. Avoid feeding leopard geckos pinky mice. All insects must be first given a nutritious powdered diet for at least 12 hours before being fed to your leopard gecko. This process is called gut loading,” and it is very important to the health of your pet. Chick or hog mash is available at all feed stores, and several good commercial diets are available for this purpose, as well. Simply place the insects in a tub of gut-load diet with a piece of potato to serve as a source of water.The best way to heat your leopard gecko is by using an undertank heating pad or tape. These are available at any pet store or online. Heating one end of the cage is best. This allows for a temperature variation that your lizard needs. Heat rocks tend to become too hot for leopard geckos and should be avoided due to the risk of burns. For viewing, a simple low-wattage light can be placed overhead on the screen-cage top and left on 12 hours a day. Because leopard geckos are active at night (notice their vertical pupils), they do not need to bask under a special UVB light. Regardless of its reputation for fierceness, the tokay gecko's beauty, hardy nature and modest price have made it a popular "pet store" lizard. With the large numbers of imported specimens entering the United States every year, the tokay is one of the most frequently encountered gecko species in the pet market. Many pet stores across the nation, even those that don't specialize in "exotic" animals, may have a terrarium with a few specimens for sale at any given time.