Even then, not many lizards are good pets

Worldwide, we find an extensive variety of lizards and a good many have entered the pet trade
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The largest lizards in the world belong to the monitor family, but not all monitors make good pets. The world’s largest monitor is the Komodo dragon. According to National Geographic, Komodo dragons often reach 10 feet long and weigh up to 330 pounds. Their saliva contains 50 strains of bacteria, and bites often lead to blood poisoning. The crocodile monitor is even longer, often attaining a length of 13 feet, but most of its length is in its tail. Crocodile monitors are not poisonous, but their immense size and stubborn attitude make them less than ideal for most pet owners.
Types of Pet Lizards - 3 Types of Lizards that Make Good Pets
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I just went to an infectious disease conference last week. Bearded Dragons are not appropriate for young children unless you care for them correctly. Bearded Dragons have been linked for spreading Salmonella Cotham. As the popularity of this specie increases, as does the Salmonella Cotham. The median age of people sick with Salmonella Cotham is 3 years old, averaging to 5 years old. 37% of children with presented illness, end up hospitalized. Children at this age don’t wash their hands as often, and certainly not after handling their dragon. They are also the ones most likely to kiss or cuddle the lizard. Salmonella is also spread by the lizard as it walks around on surfaces, whether it leaves its droppings behind of not. So, to prevent Salmonella illness, wash hands after every handling and be conscientious of where you let it roam. Young children my be rolling or crawling in the same spaces. A conscientious pet store will tell you the risks and advise against the ownership of this reptile if you have young children. I’m not saying it’s not a good pet. I’m just saying, with each pet there are risks and you should do all your homework on the animal first and make sure you care for it correctly to protect it and your family. What are some medium-sized lizards that make good pets? - Quora
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Photo provided by FlickrThe largest lizards in the world belong to the monitor family, but not all monitors make good pets
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So which ones are which? Which lizards make good pets for beginners, and which lizards are more challenging to keep? Well, I'm sure everyone has their own opinions on the subject. But here's my list -- and it's a list based on 25 years of reptile experience.What makes a good pet lizard? These below lizard species have been ranked by size, ease of care, handleability, personality, and availability.This is probably one of the most popular types of pet lizards for reptile keepers of all experience levels, from the beginners to the pros. And there's a good reason for that. If their basic needs are met, bearded dragons do well in captivity and can live a long, healthy life.I hope you've enjoyed this list of types of lizards that make good pets, and I hope it helps you choose the type of pet lizard that's right for you. Remember, this article is just a jumping-off point for your further research. Once you decide on a type of lizard to keep as a pet, you should do all of the research you can ... until you're practically an expert on the care and keeping of that particular lizard species. Your little lizard friend deserves it!Chinese water dragons are quite interesting to watch in their enclosures as they run and jump from branch to branch, especially when they are young. Most are tame and are quite capable of being handled occasionally. The only reason why they are not considered a good pet lizard for a beginner is because of their size, care and the amount of money that needs to be invested to care for this type of lizard. As a lizard species that reaches close to 3 ft in length, space is definitely a need for this type of lizard,more space than the average owner is willing to provide.This lizard (with a 15 to 20 year lifespan) can grow from 18 to 24 inches. This is a good pet lizard for beginners because the skink has a great disposition and good personality. Although they may get on fine with humans, it's advisable to keep both juvenile and adult skinks in separate enclosures. It may be possible to keep two females or a male and a female together with close monitoring. If they fight they should be placed in separate cages. Males shouldn't ever be kept together.