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Pet Shop And Dog Grooming - Pets Beauty Salon Kids Games Gameplay Video by Party Kids Mobile.
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In our grooming games, you can take a shower for your cute puppy in cleaning games, you can choose a beautiful dress for your pet in dressing games, you can also give your pet a surgery when they get hurt. If you are not interested in these games, all right, we also have animal make over games, animal hair cut games, animal feed games, as far as you want, we will provide it to you. In this fantasy world, you will become your pet's best friend and have a good life with them. Help these animals when they are in trouble, they will repay to you when you need them.
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With Promise Pets by Build-A-Bear, you get five virtual pet games for kids to enjoy in just one app!

Learn responsibility by taking care of your virtual Promise Pet! Have fun earning paw points to buy accessories and unlock mini-games. Or unlock everything at once by entering the six-digit number on your Promise Pet’s hangtag!

The Promise Pets by Build-A-Bear app turns your phone or tablet into an interactive tool to introduce kids to the fun of pet ownership. Through mini-games, it can become a scale, a grooming brush, a thermometer, and more!

No in-app purchases!

Choose from a number of virtual pets, both kittens and puppies.
- Beagle
- Golden Retriever
- Yorkie
- Persian Kitty
- Black Lab Retriever
- Springer Spaniel
- Husky
- Siamese Cat
- Calico Cat
- Westie
- Dachshund
-Yellow Lab
-Tabby Cat

Unlock bonus features and games by earning Paw Points or using the app to play with your Promise Pet plush toy.

Play fun mini-games to rack up the Paw Points and keep your virtual Promise Pet happy and healthy:
- Bathroom Break: Get your pet to the potty before the potty meter runs out!
- Flea Catcher: Use the flea magnet to keep the pests off your pet!
- Vet Visit: Complete a checkup to make sure your pet is in tip-top shape!
- Grooming Station: Keep the coats clean and the tails wagging with a grooming game your furry friend will love!
- Walk it Out: Go for walk to give you and your virtual pet a little exercise!
- Feeding Time: Make sure your four-legged pal always has a full tummy! Royal Pets Grooming Game - Dress Up Games
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