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Information and pictures about guinea pigs, what you need to know to keep them as pets.
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. Guinea pigs are generally hardy animals, but they are susceptible to many health problems if they are not cared for properly. Besides keeping your pet's stress levels low by providing a nutritional diet, a healthy environment and proper handling, you should take your guinea pig for . Your veterinarian will check your guinea pig’s overall health, trim overgrown nails if necessary and examine his teeth, which will continue to grow throughout his life.
[…] hamsters and guinea pigs as “starter pets” is a common misconception. Ideally, pet owners should provide the best care possible for the […]
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Guinea pigs can make wonderful pets for children, but because guinea pigs are timid by nature and also fragile, must be taken and very young children should be supervised at all times and be taught that a guinea pig is not a toy. If your child isn't mature enough to know that, then it would be better to wait until your child is older. Remember that even if your child has promised to look after their guinea pig, some children become bored within a short space of time and they forget about all the promises they made. So as an adult it would be you that is responsible for the guinea pigs welfare for the whole of their life. If you won't be able to take on that responsibilty, ( just incase your child becomes bored ), then please don't bring home a guinea pig or any other pet. Unless your child is mature enough to take on the full responsibilty of taking care of a piggy, then with younger children, you will still need to supervise and make sure the guinea pig has lots of care and attention. The good news is, yes, guinea pigs can make wonderful pets. Here are 5 things you should know before adopting a guinea pig.
Photo provided by FlickrThree words I have heard about guinea pigs that make me cringe,
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Indeed they do! guinea pigs are wonderful little animals, my list is endless to why I think guinea pigs make ideal pets. They are charming, very affectionate, intelligent, talkative, all have unique personalties, can be very comical, cuddly, inquisitive and they rarely bite. For me personally and from my own experience with other smaller animals, I would go as far as saying guinea pigs are the most ideal pet to share your life with. Of course I am biased and I do appreciate all animals are different and all have endearing qualities, but for me, a guinea pig is awarded 10/10 for being so idyllic. Guinea pigs can live up to 5 to 7 years, so you'll hopefully have many happy years with your little friend.Guinea Pigs as Pets
Guinea pigs are cuddly, comical, and clever. They make wonderful pets for children and can be very social animals. The animals do better in pairs as they prefer company, so unless you have a lot of time to devote to your pet getting at least two is often a good idea. Yes, but you need to be . If you have free range predatory animals like a dog or a cat, never leave them together unsupervised, not even for a few seconds. Cats and dogs have natural instincts to hunt and a quick moving piggy could arouse their natural instincts. Even if your cat or dog is very friendly, they may even think that they are just playing with the piggy, not realising they are hurting them. A possible solution would be while your guinea pigs are having their free range time in a safe room ( for example: no wires, no household plants that the inquisitive piggy can reach ) then you could place your cat or dog in another room, leaving messages on doors to alert other family members. You will have to make sure you have a very secure cage for your guinea pig, as some cats or dogs might work out how to open the cage door! Remember young inquisitive toddlers can also learn how to open a cage door. Pets like rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, rats and mice should not be introduced to a guinea pig. Pets like hamsters can bite a guinea pig, even though they are much smaller. In the interest of the guinea pigs safety, its best not to introduce any other type of pet to your guinea pig and be very cautious at all times.If you think you are unable to find a responsible person to look after your guinea pig, there are some excellent boarding services available. Always ask to inspect the premises and make a list of questions you may like to ask before allowing any boarding service to look after your guinea pig. Remember it will be their little holiday too and you'll want to make sure your piggies will be well cared for and happy while you are away. Some veterinary practices will board guinea pigs for a fee, but I would check they have separate facilities for guinea pigs and quieter pets. You don't want your guinea pig near poorly animals or barking dogs.