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Firstly, I'm going to say (just before anybody else does) that they are not just "watch pets", and you shouldn't treat them like them. Goldfish are "watch pets" but hamsters are hamsters, and you should at least try to hold them, even if it's just in case you need to take them to the vets.
Hamster owners can share some  with their hamster pets, but not everything that’s safe for people to eat is safe for hamsters.
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We take a look at the lovely Degus and dwarf hamsters. We look at both the Roborovski Dwarf Hamster and the Russian Dwarf Hamster. The Degus look great fun and the hamsters are so cute. Thank you 'animal love 45' for pointing out the Degus on our last pets video ;) Rats and Hamsters have been popular pets for children for a long time, with many who own Rats swearing that they make better pets for kids.
Photo provided by FlickrOf course, this applies to all pets and is as true for hamsters as it is for cats, dogs or any other animal you choose to keep.
Photo provided by Flickri think roborovski hamsters would make good pets for anyone as long the owner of the hamster is responisible
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It may take a bit for a new hammy to warm up to you but give it some time. I promise that once you both connect it will be the best feeling of your life. Though they may be small and not the most glamorous of all the pets, a hamster may change your life.I am a lover of hamsters and have done so since I was at junior school. I have 7 of them now which are 2 Syrians, 3 Russian dwarf and 2 Roborovskis.. I think hamsters have a fascinating history thank god they found that mother and her 11 pups. I am sad that they put the mother to sleep when they could have easily kept her seperated. They make excellent pets and they are very cute. A pity that they have only a short life for such an adoring creature. The only other creature that I like better are dogs but Hammy comes a very near second.Simply put, guinea pigs are bigger than hamsters, so they'll need way more space in order to live healthy, happy lives. Syrian hamsters (aka Goldens and Teddy Bear hamsters) are typically between 5 to 6 inches long (even up to 7 if they're female), while Dwarf hamsters can be anywhere between 2 to 4 inches in length. Guinea pigs can grow to be between 8 to 12 inches long, need lots of room to exercise, and, being very social, make happier pets if they're housed with a buddy--which would mean an even larger enclosure. Hamsters, however, should be caged individually (they have a tendency to fight!) and need less room to exercise if they've got a hamster wheel. Though pet stores sell exercise wheels for guinea pigs, experts advise against them. Unlike hamsters, guinea pigs' delicate spines are not suited to running on wheels, so they'll need to get their exercise the way nature intended--by scurrying around.Although they are cute and popular with parents, hamsters have some special requirements that must be met in order for them to be happy and healthy. Because they are nocturnal creatures, their playtime does not fit well with a young child’s schedule unless playtime with the hamster is just before the child goes to bed. Also, hamsters can nip their owners if they are awakened during the day. Because of these issues, hamsters of any breed are not appropriate pets for families with small children.