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I too bought my first Syrian from PetSmart because the hamsters they sell is cheaper than PetCo.
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I work at petsmart and our store doesnt sell rabbits or chinchillas. We sell guinea pigs, dwarf hamsters and fancy rats. All our rodents are extremely over priced so snake owners wont come here for feeders and if we have the slightest hint the person owns a snake we will refuse to sell an animal to them. When we get our animals in we put them in what we call new arrivals room where they are quarantined for a few days. They are givin three inches of bedding an igloo, chew toys, a full bowl of food and a clean water bottle. Every morning at 9am we give them a bowl of fruit and veggies that are then taken out three hours later. Their food and water is changed and cleaned every morning and night. If one animal shows ANY signs of illness they re put in the sick room and taken to banfield veterinary hospital even if we have to pay and emergency fee. Our animals are taken care of very well their all nice and clean when we get them and most even socialized already. This also goes for any animals we get birds and reptiles alike. I do recognize the name rainbow though and that does bother me alittle and I will bring this up to my manager, though nothing will probably happen, all our animals have been in good shape and care when we have gotten them from rainbow the only thing we ever have to deal with is some of our rats we get from them have upper respiratory infections.
I also know that PetSmart has a 30 day return/if your hamster dies policy.
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I got mine from PetSmart; I tried to look if any were available to adopt but there weren't (unless I drove 5 hours away). I got my hamster in November and she has lived so far. But as everyone else has said; don't base it on the wheel, base it on how healthy the hamsters look. I too bought my first Syrian from PetSmart because the hamsters they sell is cheaper than PetCo.
Photo provided by FlickrIts not petsmarts fault that the hamsters died, Its just you ather get a good batch or a bad batch i mean theres nothing you can do
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I plan on buying my little sister 3 pet hamsters for her 8th birthday. I’ve heard rumors that Petsmart is not the place to buy them? Is this true, should I go to a more smaller pet store? Also, her birthday is a little less then 2 months away, but I want to keep learning about hamsters. I plan on getting 3 dwarf hamsters- all female. Is this a smart choice? I think breeding would be fun, but I’d rather wait till I’m a little more experienced. I have three Jack Russell Terriers, the youngest one I just got a little more than a month ago (shes turning 5 months old soon). I have three hermit crabs. I just want to learn as much about hamsters as I possibly can. Also, my dad is not the type who likes rodents, so whats the best way to convince him? I need as much advice and links and everything else about hamsters! Please post back! or email me at The Petsmart in my area doesn’t take very good care of their animals, so I don’t buy there. The Petco is a bit hit-or-miss, as most of my hamsters I have came from there (except 2 which came from a smaller store), but I recently lost two Petco hamsters to wet tail, so I won’t be getting pets from there for a while.Ryan ToysReview first pet buying Hamster from PetSmart Part 1! Ryan and his family had a fun trip going to the pet store to buy a real hamster with toy ball and toy car for the pet to run around! Watch part one where Ryan pick out the Hamster and bring it home to it's new cage! There will be a part two coming soon where we will let the hamster play it it's car and ball! Great Kids Video for children and toddlers who wants to buy their first pet and loves animals!

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The federal lawsuit alleges Thomas Magee, 54, and two other organ recipients died after transplants from a woman who had contracted a virus from a hamster she bought at a PetSmart store in Warwick, R.I.