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Toys such as an exercise wheel, ramps, and tunnels so your pet hamster can exercise and explore.
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Hamsters are nocturnal, meaning that they're typically most active at night and sleep throughout the day. So if you're looking for a pet that'll entertain you with their adorable antics during daylight hours, a hamster is probably not going to fit the bill. Guinea pigs, on the other hand, generally keep the same hours as most of us do (unless you're a night owl or if you work the graveyard shift). It could also be that hamsters' reputation for being "bitey" might simply mean that they're sleepy (and therefore grumpy) during the day when most people are attempting to handle them. I mean, if you were just about to get under the covers for some shut-eye and someone kept yanking you out of bed and trying to get you to play, you'd probably get a bit bitey yourself.
Ten reasons why a hamster should be your next pet. By Gerry Bucsis and Barbara Somerville
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Your pet hamster requires a safe cage that provides room to run around, exercise, eat, and sleep. You can provide this as simply or as lavishly as you want as long as the basic requirements are met. Just as we discussed in , there are five breeds of hamster that are kept as pets:
Photo provided by FlickrThe average lifespan of a robo dwarf hamster kept as a pet is 3 years, although they have been known to live up to 4.
Photo provided by FlickrMost people probably shouldn’t have pet capybaras. But a handful of people consider these “giant hamsters” to be the best pets ever.
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Although the term “hamster” refers to about 24 species of small rodents, there are only about five found in the pet market. Below is a list of the most common types found as pets.Chinese
The Chinese have a length of 4-5 inches and are also known as striped, gray, or rat-tailed hamsters. They are dark gray with a dark stripe down the back and have a longer tail than other hamsters. They can live 2 1/2 – 3 years and can happily live alone. This cute rodent can be quite gentle and can make a terrific pet. A shout out to the most underrated pet of all time. I am absolutely obsessed with animals, especially my hamster GusGus. I adopted him about two years ago, and it has been the best decision I've ever made! From being my college roomie to family pet, he's been through it all.I know some people think of hamsters as a pet for a child, but hamsters require the attention of an adult because children can be very rough with these small guys. They also require certain care that children may not be able to give them.Hamsters as Pets
Hamsters have no detectable body odor. They are inexpensive to buy and outside of cage cleaning and proper food are relatively maintenance free. These adorable rodents are subject to very few health problems and diseases. 2. They are less noisy than other pets. Dwarf hamsters don't bark or make noise when they walk. The only noise you may hear is them running on the wheel, biting on the cage, or the occasional, but rare, squeak. However, the noise is still not as loud as a dog's bark.