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The Farm Innovators Inc P-60 60w Round Heated Pet Bowl features a sturdy twin wall anti-tip construction with a 1-1/2 Gallon capacity. Comes thermostatically controlled to operate only when necessary.
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This has been a very cold winter, and frozen water bowls are no fun. We bought the Premium Heated Pet Bowl to ensure that a very feral dog we care for always has water, and the bowl works great, even as temperatures have dipped into the teens on too many occasions. We were very impressed by the size of the bowl and the quality of the anti-chew cord. Very sturdy. Good price, too, makes it a good buy. high-quality Namsan Heated Pet Bowl,Thermal Bowl
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Keep your pet's water from freezing this winter with a large capacity heated water bowl. It features a 60 watt heater built in which is thermostatically controlled to work automatically. Has a long power cord with a metal cord protector to deter chewing.

Product Features:
60 Watts of power / 0.5 amp
Holds 6 quarts of water (1.5-gallons)
Thermostatically controlled heater keeps water from freezing in sub-zero temperatures
Heavy duty metal cord protector to deter chewing
Plugs into standard 120-volt outletThere are various types of heated pet feeding water bowls. Besides heated pet dishes, you can also make use of heated water buckets, heated pet bowls and other heated pet containers. For example, there are heated water buckets made for farm animals and horses. These are perfect for larger dogs. Buckets also hold more water and they heat up quickly. Miller Little Giant 5 Quart Heated Pet Bowl

Allied, Plastic Heated Pet Bowl, 5 Quart. Low-wattage Heated Pet Bowl has a capacity of 1.25 gallons, and is thermostatically controlled. Available in either plastic or stainless steel. The plastic Bowl is dishwasher safe. Both enable the consumer to remove the heating element after the winter season, which allows year-round use. Nonheated Bowl Replacements are available at a fraction of the cost of the entire Heated Bowl. This means economical replacement of a worn bowl or convenient rotation of dirty bowls. Both bowls are nestable, and the cord is coiled and secured to the bottom of the Bowl for a neat shelf appearance. Patented. 50 watts, 120 volts. All of our products are fully warranted against defects in workmanship for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase, unless otherwise noted. U.L. Listed If you have a large dog, like a German shepherd or a Rottweiler, try looking for a heated pet dish that’s elevated. I've only seen one elevated heated water bowl. Obviously, with an elevated heated pet dish, your pet will have an easier time drinking. The price tag shouldn’t be the sole basis of your buying decision. When buying a heated pet bowl, or any accessory or equipment for your pet for that matter, you should always keep the comfort of your four-legged friend foremost in your mind.Keep water from freezing during the winter months with the Farm Innovators Heated Pet Bowl with Stainless Insert. Features a built in 60 watt heather and a stainless steel bowl insert that holds the heat better than traditional plastic bowls. Comes with a non-skid, non-tip bottom, a 6ft cord with anti-chew cord protector, and a 1 year warranty.