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The commercials and website for Hideaway Pets mention a Jumbo pet. These are not available in stores, and it appears that the only way to get one is as an add-on via the website once you have already input your credit card information to order a regular Hideaway Pet. If you have obtained a jumbo Hideaway Pet, please give me your review of it below.
Thanks to HideAway Pets for sending Big Doggy for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own, as always.
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Part stuffed pet, part cuddly fluffball, the HideAway Pets from Jay at Play are two-in-one stuffed animals and cuddly round pillows. Snap it open to reveal the pet for plush pet play or snap it closed to use it as a pillow. As Seen On TV: Hideaway Pets Review - Newly Crunchy Mama Of 3
Photo provided by FlickrHideaway Pets Reviews: Average Toy, High Shipping Fees
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HideAway Pets are an immediate hit with kids. This is why most of the HideAway Pets reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. They are so soft and plush, kids can't help but love them and want to immediately hug them and never let go. When their HideAway Pet is "hiding" (all rolled up and snapped together), they also love to roll around with them in the bed or on the floor or lay their head on their extra soft toy! The super easy snaps that lets them convert their plush animal into the super soft extra fuzzy pillow and this seems to fascinate children endlessly. Many will spend hours rolling up and re-opening their favorite HideAway pet. Luckily the snaps are very durable and hold up to extensive repetitive use!Hideaway Pets

15" Hideaway Pets (Persian Kitten). Open Up to Play. Curl Up and Hide Them Away! Four styles - collect them all!

Jay At Play 15 Hideaway Pets (Persian Kitten)

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lw.. Hideaway Pets are stuffed animals for children which can be rolled up and "hidden" away for easy storage. Read my Hideaway Pets review and observations.