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The Hill's Food, Shelter & Love® program donates food to shelters across the country. Help spread the word so more pets can find their forever home. Get exclusive special offers for different Hill's Pet cat and dog food products by signing in and downloading each coupon.
Photo provided by FlickrMay 9, 2016 - Save Up To $40 On Hills Pet Food View all their current coupons and print them straight from their web site
Photo provided by FlickrAnimal Shelters can partner with Hill's Food, Shelter & Love Program and receive exclusive discounts on Science Diet pet food for shelter pets
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I am writing this review to let every pet owner know never to use any Hills product pet foods! It all started when I took my two-year-old Shichon Jasper to his yearly veterinarian examination. He received all of his vaccines and the vet told me he was a few pounds overweight and recommended that I put him on the Hills prescription metabolic diet. I purchased two cans of the wet food to start mixing it in with the grain free dry food I had been giving him for a year and a half. Approximately five days later he became deathly ill. He was profusely vomiting until there was blood in it and had diarrhea so bad. His stool was very mucousy and bloody. I took him to the vet immediately to have his stool tested to make sure he didn't have any parasite. Everything came back negative! They started him on a daily medication called ** for the diarrhea and gave him an anti-nausea injection. I thought, "Could it really be a coincidence that a few days after I started him on the Hills metabolic diet he got so deathly ill?" I began researching online and found hundreds and hundreds of complaints From consumers that also purchased Hills products. Some of them ranged from their pets becoming deathly ill and some even reported the unfortunate death of their pets! I couldn't believe what I was reading. How could this be happening to so many people and this product still be on the market and the veterinarian still be prescribing it. Well I will tell You why! It is a huge moneymaking racket for veterinarians. They get Enormous kickbacks from the Hills company! Unfortunately dog food is not regulated by the FDA I so it is difficult to identify and report a problem. I am completely beside myself that such a horrific thing is going on! I couldn't understand what had happened to my perfectly healthy baby boy. He was completely lethargic and not doing very well at all. They sent me home with a different Hill's prescription wet food I/d for sensitive stomachs and told me to start using that instead. After two days he still was not bouncing back at all. The vet called to check on him and suggested that he may have a problem with his liver and wanted me to bring him back for blood work in a week or so. We trust our vets to Take care of our beloved pets so why would we think they would ever do anything to harm our pets? I racked my brain day and night trying to figure out what could have possibly happened and then it hit me like a ton of bricks! I remembered when he was 12 weeks old I had him on Hills Science Diet puppy food. He had almost the exact same symptoms until I finally took him off of it and switched him to another brand. Hill's starts out in denial. Then they tell you it's safe. Then they tell you they will give you a $5 coupon. The finally called me and admitted there was an issue and to throw away the case. What they won't tell me is when the food will be fixed. It's the worst quality product and company in the US. And this is $68 a case. How can it be that no other company in the industry has a comparable product and how can it be that they do not have ANY SEMBLANCE of quality control or concern for the pets and their owners? It's a criminal enterprise.