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Our commitment to pets extends deep into our community. That's why Hill's® Pet Nutrition supports animal shelters by providing Hill's® Science Diet® pet foods at an exclusive discount. The Shelter Nutrition Partnership helps shelter pets be in their best health so they can be adopted quickly.
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Hills Science Diet Adult Urinary Hairball Control Dry Cat Food uses balanced levels of ingredients to help support your pets urinary system as well as reduce hairball formation. This kibble for cats includes clinically-proven antioxidant benefits, optimal levels of magnesium and natural fiber. Products 1 - 40 of 42 - Shop for Hill's Science Diet Cat Food in Pet Food
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I have been feeding my dogs "Hills" Science Diet can dog food for a few weeks. I just bought a few cans from my vet of the Puppy Chicken & Barley Entree and it made both my dogs deathly sick. They immediately started vomiting and it lasted most the day. At first I wasn't sure what cause them to get sick but after looking at the food it appeared red and smelled differently from the last food I got from Petco. I went back to Petco and bought the same food and the color was light tan.Dr. Morris' son, , continued to help grow Hill's Pet Nutrition over the next several decades. The younger Dr. Morris noticed a demand for consistent, high-quality pet food for use in research. As a result, he developed a food for healthy pets. In 1968, the food line was made available through veterinarians and pet professionals as Hill's® Science Diet®. The line has continued to expand, and today includes more than 50 pet foods formulated for many lifestages and special needs in healthy pets.I bought my first puppy. I heard about all the pet food recalls and was freaked out. So I wanted to trust Science Diet puppy and adult toy breed dog food. They have a new state of the art facility so I thought it would be safe to trust Hill's Science Diet dog food. The whole time my dog was on the puppy and adult toy breed food of Science Diet he had so many soft stools a lot and he would throw up a lot and make a choking noises a lot like he was going to throw up and a lot time he would not eat. Then Science Diet changed the look of the bags on all their products and his stools got very loose. So I brought him to the vet. They put him on prescription Science Diet intestinal food. That stuff smelled so bad. It firmed his stools up a bit but he would poop soft skinny poops and a lot of times he would not eat it. So now on Royal Canin prescription food and he loves the food and has good stools.All Hill's pet foods are marked with our guarantee. If you are not satisfied with Prescription Diet®, Science Diet®, Ideal Balance or Healthy Advantage® pet food products for any reason, simply return the unused portion to the place of purchase for a refund or replacement.Today, Hill's Pet Nutrition carries on the tradition of caring that began in 1939 with one remarkable veterinarian. Our Prescription Diet®, Science Diet® and Ideal Balance pet foods offer the highest-quality pet nutrition available. On 1-22-17 I decided to send an email to Hills Science Diet just to make a written complaint. I gave them the same info as above. I also told them that just because other pet food companies were either now adding a prebiotic or already had one in their food didn't mean that they had to follow. Their prescription foods are just that... a prescription. What I don't think they actually realize is that sometimes our pet's lives depend on this food! And by changing a PRESCRIPTION FOOD can mean the difference between life and death.