A Holistic Approach to Choosing Pet Food Brands.

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The 2,000 square foot store will feature a diverse product mix of all the Only Natural Pet products you already know and love, including holistic, paleo-inspired natural foods featuring wholesome high-protein recipes, as well as pet treats, chews, vitamins and supplements. The new store will also carry holiday gift friendly products like collars, leashes, clothing and toys. And you can be sure that all products and brands featured in the Aspen store will share our natural brand philosophy, including home-grown Colo.-based brands such as and .
We have over 50 brands of traditional, grain free, natural, organic, and holistic pet foods in stock
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"I think it could be Wellness," says Grosjean's business partner Carole Frank. "Or it could be the Natura brands because they're now owned by Procter & Gamble." Natura operates the EVO, Innova and California Natural lines of natural and holistic pet food, as well as Karma, an organic dog food and treat business. Suggested Brands. Rumford Pet Center carries a wide variety of Holistic, Natural and Organic pet foods. Just some of the great diets you will find for your pet are:.
Photo provided by FlickrWith over 15 Pet food brands, we have the area's largest selection of natural, holistic and super premium pet foods
Photo provided by FlickrWe only carry the best products for your pets! Check out our selection of pet food brands; including holistic, natural, organic, vegetarian and even raw foods!
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Since we got our start in Lincoln, Nebraska, our purpose has been to empower people to transform the lives of pets. And as the leader in raw nutrition, we believe wholeheartedly that it starts with food. That’s why we’re committed to making it possible for more pet parents to feed their own pets natural, holistic pet food guided by the unmatched nutrition of raw.High-quality ingredients are essential for a healthy food. Some economy brands of dog food such as Iams, Science Diet, and Beneful are made from inexpensive ingredients that are not easily digested and do not provide the best nutrition. While they may technically meet the legal specific-ations for percentages of protein, fat, carbohydrates, these foods have lower energy values and lower-grade proteins. Because of this, many health-building nutrients may pass right through your dog’s system without being absorbed, leaving much more waste to clean in the yard. It also means that you have to feed larger amounts of that lower quality food to provide your pet with the same nutrition as a smaller amount of holistic food.The makers of NutriSource® proudly bring you Brand Pet Foods. PureVita's select pet formulas are carefully prepared using only the purest, all natural, holistic ingredients to support your pet's overall physical and emotional well-being and to maintain health and longevity. The essence of PureVita utilizes highly palatable, single source proteins and a variety of wholesome fruits and vegetables, each chosen for it's unique nutritional values and powerful phyto nutrient content. PureVita also features Acai berries and pomegranate popularly known for their rich antioxidant benefits. PureVita is "pure life" and will support your loving pet's health and well being the same way your pet enhances your everyday life.We specialize in only the best natural pet food brands, and provide the knowledge on how to best care for your pets. Selections including all Natural, Holistic and the to ensure your animal is kept healthy. We carry Biologically Appropriate, and Allergy Free Formulas.