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Sometimes pets can prove to be challenging for their pet owners. Barking, meowing, scratching, biting, digging, chewing, escaping, inappropriate urination or defecation and running can often leave pet parents wondering what they did wrong. At 360 Pet Medical, we work closely will all of our patients and their pet parents when behavior his affecting everyone in the home. We can recommend and outline a plan for use at home that will ensure everyone will feel better.
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We want Pet360 to be your home for everything you need to make life with your pets simple and magical. As with any home, we want you to always feel comfortable and welcome. Home 360 Pet Scented Cat Litter | 10 Lb
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During business hours, we make every effort to see our own emergencies. After regular business hours, on the weekends, and over a holiday, we direct our clients to Pet Emergency and Trauma Service (PETS). PETS provides after hours care and monitoring for patients that have had procedures or been hospitalized at their regular veterinary clinic. Your pet may not be ready to go home yet, so PETS will provide the needed care overnight or through the weekend. One of the owners of 360 Pet Medical, Dr Loni Odenbeck, is also an owner of PETS. This ensures that the level of care you receive at PETS will be the level of medicine that you to expect during regular hours.
At Pet360 we love all pets and believe each one deserves a good home. We’ve teamed up with AllPaws to help thousands of shelter and abandoned pets find the perfect family. Your new best friend is waiting.PUPDATE: After this story went viral, one family decided to bring this abandoned dog into their lives and give her a caring forever home. When Blaine and Amber Fuselier heard Minnie (formerly Ruben May)'s sad tale of being dumped in a backyard with a heartbreaking note attached, they knew they wanted to adopt the pup. "We really wanted to fix the situation and give her the best home possible," Mr. Fuselier tells Pet360.