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There’s a lot of controversy over pet insurance, but it is worth looking into. If you have a pet, you might see what is available for him or her in your area, how much it costs, what it covers and how it works. I have a sad feeling it’s far more affordable and far more comprehensive coverage than we pay for our own families to have health insurance, and it might be worth it. There are those who swear by it, and those who think that it’s a waste of money. However, if you have a dog or cat of your own and you want to save money on veterinary costs, you might consider pet insurance and what it means.
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In a euthanasia situation, the vet is the person who will examine your pet forsymptoms of death and pronounce it deceased for you. The vet will look at your pet's eyes, gums and breathing and listen for its heart-beat using a stethoscope to be sure of death. It is, however, useful if you the pet owner can recognise the signs of death yourself just in case you come home to an animal that has died in the home or yard and need to determine if it truly is dead or not.

Signs that an animal is dead:

You might have even witnessed the moment when the animal died and seen the signs mentionedin section 4e. If those signs (4e) are then followed by the signs listed above (4f), itis very likely that the animal has died.

Image 1: This is an image of the mouth of a cat that has undergone euthanasia. Itslips are a dark blue, purple colour as is the tongue.
Image 2: This is an image of the eye of a cat that has undergone euthanasia. Itspupil is widely dilated and non-responsive to light (the edge of the pupil is clearly visiblein this cat because it has a blue iris - indicated with a green arrow). Notice how the conjunctiva(pink membrane under the cat's eyelid) is also purple in colour, much like the cat's gums (indicatedwith a pink arrow).

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Much of the food that is regularly consumed by both humans and pets would be unrecognizable to our forebears. It’s very exciting to see marketing dollars being spent on cleaner, more wholesome foods. But the so-called “ancestral” approach to wellness involves more than just eating better foods. The ancient ancestors of both animals and humans were constantly burning calories as they hunted, gathered, travelled, and battled the elements. By all means, choose healthier foods, and avoid the processed garbage. But remember to look at the big picture when choosing a diet for your pet. This includes being realistic about how many calories he’s actually burning, and what kind of fuel he truly needs. Which brings me to the next most commonly expressed objection.

One of the major criteria that veterinarians use to determine whether an animalis suffering or not is the presence of constant pain. It is also the main criteria thatowners use and ask their vet about when trying to decide when to put a pet down. An animal might be deemed to have an acceptable quality of life if it can not move around much; coughs occasionally or has a large mass on its face so long as it is pain-free,however, the presence of unmanageable moderate to severe pain is not acceptable and is not considered conducive to a good quality of life even if the animal is otherwise surviving okay. In order to determine whether an animal is in pain or not, both owners and their vets need to be able to recognise the signs of pain and discomfort. Unlike human patients, animals can not tell us in words how much and where something hurts.

Symptoms of pain in animals:

Let’s face it, there is little economic incentive for a pet food company tell consumers to please use less of their product! Overfeeding works for them. It’s up to us as veterinary professionals, and you as pet parents to determine how much food your pet really needs. Veterinary nurses and assistants do a great job of providing this service, and most of the clinics where I’ve worked did not charge for such consultations. If you are feeding according the instructions on the bag, and you suspect your pet is overweight, you can start his weight loss plan by cutting that recommended portion by at least 20 percent.The vet did ask me when I went into his office before we began any work whether or not he was to stop treatment at any given moment due to cost. It felt awful that he would ask that; what price is too much to save the life of the cat my kids have had for years that they love unconditionally? However, it’s expensive to have an animal at home and not everyone can afford to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on their animal in one day. That leads me to ask this question; how much is too much to spend on a pet? When do you draw the line, and what’s your financial responsibility to your pet?