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Personalized Dog Tags for Pets: Identification for Your Dogs
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Owners who had removed tags said they did so because the animal was an indoor pet or because the animal indicated some discomfort with the collar. A few others reported losing the tags, and one said tags were unnecessary because the family “lived in the country.” During the study period, 18 pets were reported lost, and 17 of them, including 13 dogs and 4 cats, were found and returned home. Of those, nine dogs and one cat had been returned home because someone used the information on the pet tag to reunite the animal with its owner.
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Pet's can't talk. Let one of our large selection of pet id tags or dog tags do the speaking for your pooch. We carry a large variety of fashionable dog tags you can personalize. , , and are among the designers we carry. Paw print dog tags dog id tags for pets,free shipping metal round‎
Photo provided by FlickrPetTagsOnline makes gold and anodized pet id tags to protect and id your dogs and cats. These engraved dog tags for pets are personalized for you.
Photo provided by FlickrShop Petco's custom dog ID tags to ensure your pup's safety. With many varieties of dog tags for pets, you're sure to find something to fit your style.
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Those are three of the most common arguments that pet owners have when it comes to why they don’t need any sort of dog ID tags for their canine. But here’s one key argument for dog tags for pets: According to the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy, only about 15-20 percent of all lost dogs are ever returned to their rightful owner. Our tags are the perfect size for all pets from cats and small dogs to horses. The dog tag and the paw tag are the largest, so they may not be suitable for very small pets. The circle and mini dog tag are the perfect ID tags for luggage, backpacks, or anything else you wouldn't want to lose.Aside from getting your pet home to you safely, there are a bevy of other benefits to having custom dog tags for pets. Here’s a closer look at some of them:#3. We love this idea, which pairs the first letter of your pet’s name with a Scrabble tile of the same letter. All Scrabble tiles are authentic wood and vary in color, which makes each tag truly one of a kind! The tags are very light weight which makes them an ideal option for small dogs especially. (, $9.50)

Pet tags are a great accessory to make your pet look even cuter. Not only are they stylish but they are practical as well, helping to identify them if they happen to become lost. We offer a range of colors and shapes that are sure to compliment your pet’s personality perfectly. We have everything from dog bone shapes to simple, classic circle tags in varying colors that will allow your pet to look their best. Simply choose the perfect pet tag template and have their name and your contact information engraved for a fun, useful pet fashion accessory that will be adored for years to come. Unique pet ID tags are a great way to make your pet stand out!These gold dog tags for pets are made for the most discriminating of pets (and owners) This gold pet id tag is personalized with your pet's name and information.