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With a bit of thinking and given time the greater earth elemental is the best tank. The necro knight isn't bad eitehr, but haven't found him that sturdy against elites in prolonged fights. And don't make me laugh with the kitty of beastmaster. That thing can't hold aggro at any rate, and your petheal is pathetic low to give it a few seconds in front to build aggro up.
Best Tank pet is Tenacity man
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For this article, I am assuming you know enough about basic fish care to be considering which fish you would like to put into your new tank. This is a crucial decision. Do not trust some store employee to tell you which fish you should choose. They most likely know very little. It's up to you to make a wise decision. I am going to list five fish commonly purchased for a first aquarium that are horrible choices. However, store employees constantly sell these fish to unsuspecting customers who will most likely be back in a few weeks to replace their new pets that have gone on to that big fish tank in the sky. I will also list some much better alternatives that will allow you to get started in what can be a very fascinating and rewarding hobby. In determining the best beginner fish, I first wanted to make sure that they were hardy enough to allow for beginner mistakes that are bound to happen. Secondly, I chose fish that could live happily in the common community aquarium that most beginners like to set up. These fish don't require huge tanks or need special care to survive. Hopefully, this lens will guide you in choosing fish that are both appealing and appropriate for your aquarium. Fellow hunters, in your opinion, what are the best tanking pets for ..
Photo provided by FlickrJust a quick question asking which tanking pet is best to level wth from 90-100.
Photo provided by FlickrJul 8, 2016 - Trying to figure out what pet has the best abilities for tanking
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One of the largest costs of owning a snake is the cost of a tank for it to live in. When it comes time to buy a new tank for your pet snake it is always wise to prepare before hand if possible. There will be times
when you don’t have time to prepare and you’ll just have to spend whatever you have to spend. More often than not however you’ll have plenty of time to shop around for the perfect tank at the best possible price.necro pet is best tank cause it does the most dps and holds aggro best, the boar is very close as it also holds aggro well and does good dps but the ele pet does 0 dps and cannot hold aggro against anything, let alone a mage!
This is the downfall of having a pet turtle. Just because you can’t put a turtle in a small box as a cage and walk away. They need room to move around and especially if they are past their youth age. Aquarium size requirements start at 40 gallon breeder tank. The 40 gallon breeder is said to be the bare minimum size that a person needs to house ONE turtle. If you want more than one turtle than you should probably get a 55 gallon and even then that will still be crowded. They make lots of unique styles of “breeder” series of tanks that are more short and spread out which is best for turtles. It makes no sense to have a high or tall aquarium when the turtle can’t even utilize that space.A terrarium or fish tank with a locking screen top is the best place to house your pet. It will also prevent other pets from getting to your scorpion and possibly injuring it. Scorpions are good climbers so when you open your tank’s lid make sure you are aware of where your pet is located.I am interested in group play, and was wondering what the best "DPS/Tank/Pet/Support" character was for each category? I heard Scarlet Witch was best for DPS because of all of her Aoes, Colossus for tanking for all his resist skills, Emma for pets because she can pick and choose who to have as a pet compared to a single hand-picked pet hero and, doctor strange was one of the best for support because of his buff, but i wasn't 100% sure. Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.Generally, only experienced keepers will push the envelope but it is always best to do everything in your power to assure a comfortable existence for your pet. For most animals, bigger is better, and with small tanks comes more maintenance to compensate for excess nutrient levels (animal waste turning into nitrates). Think in terms of long term success for best results, don't purchase any pets that you don't foresee living at least five years in your five gallon tank.