Indoor Pet Ramps - Pet Classics™

Indoor Pet Ramps - Pet Classics
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The Climber Slope Pet Ramp for beds is our steepest (yet still highly manageable) incline. This indoor dog ramp is ideal for small pets that are still relatively agile but require a ramp because they can not, or should not, jump on and off a bed. Medium and large dogs with mobility issues should use the Normal or Easy Slope Pet Ramp models. These stable freestanding 24″ (or 29") high pet ramps have a roomy platform at the top making it easy for your dog or cat to step on and off the bed.
The Indoor carpet ramp allows the dog to get a grip and feel secure while walking up a soft surface that will not scratch it's paw pads.
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After they've had a chance to acclimate to the ramp section, attach it to the platform and gently "walk" your pet up and down a few times. Encourage them with "treats" to go up and down the ramp independently. The Indoor carpet ramp allows the dog to get a grip and feel secure while walking up a soft surface that will not scratch it's paw pads.
Photo provided by FlickrHow to make an indoor pet ramp to aid your puppy or geriatric pet get on.
Photo provided by FlickrProduct - Pet Gear Indoor Bi-Fold Half Ramp with Carpet.
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The Indoor Pet Ramp helps dogs and cats weighing up to 200 lbs climb on and off furniture while placing minimal strain on your pet's joints. It measures 42 inches long and can be used for low furniture such as beds and sofas. Although pet ramps are often used to help senior or arthritic pets, they can also be used to help younger pets reduce the risk of developing arthritis.This 2-piece ramp for pets is going to help your pet reach unreachable places. The whole is created of industrial grade high-density foam, while the covers are removable and machine-washable. It supports pets up to 60 pounds.The Indoor Pet Ramp is great for helping senior or arthritic pets climb up and down furniture including low sofas and beds. No assembly required. Simply unfold and set the ramp in place.Find the top 100 most popular items in Amazon STRING(pet-supplies-store) Best ... Pet Stairs 3 Steps Stairs Small Dog Cat Steps Pet Ramp Ladder Portable ...DIY Pet Ramp - made from 2 pieces wire shelving, indoor/outdoor carpeting, zipties, wire cutter, and an awl (maybe figure out a way to use shelving & pool noodles to use in pool for dog ramp)Designed for small, elderly or sick pets, short safety ramp can be used both indoor and outdoor to safely assist your pet in reaching new heights independently.Any indoor dog ramp has to normally look good and be free-standing. The does just that and does it very well. For several years, Pet Gear has been building the most durable dog ramps.Special consideration should be given to choosing the appropriate ramp length. Bear in mind that the higher you are trying to reach, the longer the ramp needs to be. The ramp length directly affects how steep the ramp slope or incline will be for your pet. For detailed information about choosing the correct ramp for your pet, please read our and