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Thank you, Valerie, for sharing your thoughts on which small exotic pet would be the best! However, hedgehogs sound like some pretty awesome and unusual pets in their own right, and being a breeder must be really, really interesting.
Believe it or not, there are many people who do call these unconventional creatures their pets
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Reptiles can make great classroom pets because they are quiet and interesting to watch and generally live a long time. The simplest reptiles to start with are leopard geckos, bearded dragons and corn snakes. All are fairly docile and remain relatively small. They are colorful and fairly simple to take care of as far as reptiles go. In comparison to small mammals or that have very high metabolisms and require daily feeding, these reptiles have slow metabolisms and can generally go a couple of days without eating. The benefit of that is, if they are healthy, they need not be fed over the typical two-day weekend when school is closed. 32 Exotic Low Maintenance Cool Pets That Are Legal To Own
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Are you interested in small exotic pets? Before you jump into ownership, there are some things you should consider. However, if you have done your due diligence and you are ready for the task, here are some fascinating facts about three of the very best small pets to own.