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KC Pet Projects Ralphie nose to nose with  Sluggerrr before game vs Oakland.
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Can Star Wars characters help get pets adopted? In a land far, far away they can – and do! On April 16, in Kansas City, MO, the newest MaddieCam Network member, KC Pet Project, will celebrate its Third Annual Star Wars Day. No, this isn’t just a really early “May the 4th Be With You”…
The reptiles were brought to KC Pet Project and are now in the care of a foster family.
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A: The political action committee Progress KC has spent more than $900,000 on the campaign for the bond questions. Endorsers include the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, plus the Northland Regional, South Kansas City and Kansas City Hispanic chambers of commerce. Several neighborhood associations have added their endorsements, as have Bridging the Gap, the Civic Council of Greater Kansas City, the Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors and the KC Pet Project. The strongest financial support has come from the Heavy Constructors Association, donating $200,000 to help pass bonds that would generate a lot of projects and jobs. Burns & McDonnell and the Western Missouri & Kansas Laborers District Council each gave $50,000. KC Pet Project is creating a No Kill Kansas City - We're Passionate About Lifesaving!
Photo provided by FlickrYesterday, 44 new pets arrived at KC Pet Project on a very busy day for us. Felix was one of…
Photo provided by FlickrWe're starting our day at KC Pet Project with no open kennels for our new arrivals. We are in…
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In the spring of 2015 Kansas City Pet Project–the largest No-Kill, open admission shelter in the Midwest–asked us to help create and launch a “big idea” event to be established as their largest annual fundraiser. KC Pet Project takes in nearly 27 animals a day, resulting in 189 a week, 756 a month, and almost 9072 a year. Bursting at the seams, their goal was to raise funding to build a larger facility. A daunting challenge, my writing partner and I conceptualized “Furlough,” an event connecting companies, Kansas Citians, and our dogs. A city-wide event, 50 dogs were sponsored and sent on Furlough to enjoy a weekend on the outside. They went on walks, played ball, snuggled on the couch–whatever their hearts desired. For that weekend, the dogs got to experience what it meant to be part of a family, and families got a free trial with a dog who could end up in their forever home. Each dog was sponsored by a local company for one or two days covering all costs including a waived adoption fee should families keep their furry friends.In collaboration with KC Pet Project, we organized and coordinated logistics of the event including weekend events, local business partnerships, sponsorships, PR, pickup, drop off and contingency plans. On the day of, families were asked to be ambassadors for KC Pet Project and the Furlough dogs both in Kansas City and on social media with #FurloughKC. We engaged with pet-friendly, local businesses to sponsor Furlough events across the city, providing additional exposure for KC Pet Project and each dog. “None of the dogs that went on Furlough with foster families from the shelter came back, many of which were adopted by their Furlough families, and by those that families introduced them to. Other dogs are still in their foster homes with their Furlough families who couldn’t bear bringing them back to the shelter. We were featured on KSHB and Fox 4 on Sunday while at KC Bier Company, and the Instagram activity has been fantastic. For the first year with sponsor participation, we raised over $18,000.” –Tori Fugate, KC Pet ProjectThe $800 million General Obligation bond issue will come before voters over three distinct ballot questions on April 4. 2017. Question 3 of the G.O. Bond issue is of particular import to proponents of a new animal shelter. If it’s approved, $14 million in public funds would be dedicated for a new 60,000 sq. ft. facility in Swope Park. The plan was announced at Starlight Theatre in September 2016 with great fanfare, including an endorsement from Mayor James, who touted the public/private partnership with KC Pet Project.”Greenhill Humane Society and KC Pet Project use differing strategies to save their pit bull type dogs. Greenhill Humane Society relies on a very high return to owner rate of 68% to achieve impressive pit bull live release rates and reduce these dogs length of stay. On the other hand, . For example, verses overzealous screening. Additionally, KC Pet Project set up adoption centers in a and a . KC Pet Project also transfers some large dogs to colder rural areas, which have high demand for these dogs, due to local rescues not wanting to take such dogs.