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Given below is a list of small lizards that could prove lovely pets and long-time friends
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The most common among the many species of Blue lizards are Blue-tongued Skinks. As pets, they need only as much care as the bearded dragon. Skinks are diurnal animals. They need the complete spectrum of lamps and lighting. Both sidewise and lengthwise, you will find similarities between the beardies and the skinks. Keep the skink’s terrarium dimensions same as that of the Beardies. They are docile and tolerate regular handling well. They are omnivores. You can feed the blue tongued skink worms, vegetables and insects. The proportion is slightly different in the case of the Bearded Dragon.
Here’s a short list of lizards that make rewarding “look not touch” pets:
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Buying some pet trade lizards can harm wild populations. Many common pet store lizards are raised in captivity, but some are caught from the wild. And in some cases, buying or selling a wild-caught lizard can be illegal. Still, if you must have a lizard, experts say that there are some species that make much better pets than others. Good starter lizards include the leopard gecko, bearded dragon, and some skinks. But be sure to do your homework beforehand, or you — and the lizard — could be disappointed. Lizards for pets
Photo provided by FlickrWe learned today that lizards make great pets, they don't need too much, and the are even great to hold
Photo provided by FlickrMany often refer to the spiny-tailed Uromastyx as “uros” in short. They are another variety of lizards that make good pets.
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Although there are over 70 different species of monitor lizards, only a few are commonly found in the pet trade. The types available range from small to large and live in different habitats. Below is a list of some of the more common types found as pets. The list is not all-inclusive and other species may be available.So which ones are which? Which lizards make good pets for beginners, and which lizards are more challenging to keep? Well, I'm sure everyone has their own opinions on the subject. But here's my list -- and it's a list based on 25 years of reptile experience.So it's no surprise that lizards have found their way into the pet industry as well. Many different types of lizards are kept as pets these days, but some lizards make better pets than others. That's the subject of this article. "Beardies," as they are known, also have nice dispositions that make them well suited to being kept as pets. This type of lizard is native to many part of Australia, and its native environment can be closely duplicated with certain types of full-spectrum lighting (for the lizard's UVA / UVB needs) and basking lights (for proper temperature).As we have discussed, there are a lot of lizard species in the world, and many of them have found their way into the pet trade. But not all types of lizards make good pets, and some can be especially challenging for beginners. So I've listed three types of pet lizards that are both entertaining and manageable for the amateur lizard keeper. I hope you've enjoyed this list of types of lizards that make good pets, and I hope it helps you choose the type of pet lizard that's right for you. Remember, this article is just a jumping-off point for your further research. Once you decide on a type of lizard to keep as a pet, you should do all of the research you can ... until you're practically an expert on the care and keeping of that particular lizard species. Your little lizard friend deserves it!