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 PAWS Chicago Announces Merrick Pet Care as Exclusive Food Provider to Thousands of Homeless Pets
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Merrick re-launched its value brand in January 2014 to take further advantage of that premium space. The brand aims to serve as a gateway to help convert more pet parent households from mass petfood brands to the natural category. "We've created an entry-point brand that we think will really help retailers with offering a trade-up option to mainstream users," said Shearson.
Merrick Pet Care was founded in 1988. The company is a leading producer of natural and organic pet foods.
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You are what you eat, so why not feed your best friend the best? Merrick pet food has more of what your pet needs and less of what they don’t. And the results speak for themselves. Watch your pet benefit from: Merrick Pet Food Coupons 2017
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Two months ago, I purchased, through Amazon, 4 cases of the Limited Ingredient Diet, Real Chicken Recipe. The first 4 cases were great, good moisture and color of the product. My cats loved it. Cost per case, $33.08. The next 4 cases that I purchased for this month are not good. Dry, very little moisture, a dark color and does not smell well at all. My cats will not eat it. So THAT puts me into a bind, thought I had a good source of quality food, NOT... Being I am low income, I am stuck with 3 and one half cases, $115.78 worth of useless canned cat food. I will be contacting Amazon to see if I can return these and get a credit. Merrick was a good choice for cat food, years ago but being they have sold out to the Nestle corporation I truly doubt they care about pet health and only about MONEY.New for this year are Merrick Backcountry Hero’s Banquet recipes, which celebrate the work of our partner K9s For Warriors, who help give a new leash on life to rescue dogs and military heroes. These new recipes expand upon Merrick Pet Care’s partnership with K9s For Warriors, as Merrick has been the exclusive provider of food and treats for the rescue dogs at K9s for Warriors since 2015. Also, Merrick has also committed $250,000 to complete clinical research showing the effective role service dogs play in the treatment of PTSD among American military veterans.I have been a long-time Merrick canned food buyer. I have 4 cats, I buy from Petco. I am considering changing to a different brand now because I have noticed that my cats are now turning their noses up when I open different flavors. I open one can (chicken and duck mostly) the cats will eat it, I open another can, the color is different and the cats ALL 4 won't touch IT!! What the heck is going on? This brand sure isn't cheap!! Natural pet food leader makes Hero’s Banquet Available Year Round ORLANDO, Fla. (March 16) – K9s For Warriors and Merrick Pet Care are once again joining together to demonstrate the effective role service dogs play in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disability (PTSD) among American military veterans. Merrick announced today at Global Pet Expo it […] Merrick Products are the best dog and cat foods on the market. And you love your pets, so why not buy them the best? To find out where to buy Merrick products at a store near you, use our . Just enter your zip code or city and state to get started. Once you’ve found the Merrick product you’re looking for, you can transition your pet slowly using .Leader in All-Natural, Organic Pet Food Provides Service Dogs Quality Food and Training Treats; Donates $50,000 PONTE VEDRA BEACH, FL (July 1, 2015) – K9s For Warriors and Merrick Pet Care are joining together to give a new leash on life to American military veterans and shelter dogs. Merrick’s support will aid K9s For Warriors’ […]