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The mesh pet barrier is designed to fit in compact cars, midsize SUVs, and most crossovers. The barrier is constructed of steel wire mesh with two adjustable sides and two adjustable legs. Polyurethane cups on the top and bottom grip the roof and floor of the vehicle for a stable hold. The mesh pet barrier adjusts from 39″ to 66″ wide and 35″ to 45″ high.
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Pet barriers have different designs that should be selected according to the size of a dog and the type of your car. If you are a lucky owner of a big pet or your doggie is used to transportation in a trunk, you should choose adjustable barriers, made especially for cargo areas. Such protectors may be extended in height/width and can be easily installed in large cars like SUVs, minivans or station wagons. A sturdy construction will help limit the space in the car cargo area as it is the safest place for animals in the vehicle. Moreover, some customers even use "trunk" barriers to separate large boxes, suitcases, and some other stuff inside a car. But if you have a small or mid-sized car and a large dog, we propose you to consider hammock seat covers. They will not only prevent your small devil from climbing up front but also keep the rear seats clean and neat. Additionally, such seat covers will not let dirt, hair, and moisture. They also protect the seat from scratches and cuts. Still, the main aim of hammocks is to restrict pet movements, enhancing the driving safety. And don't worry about pet's convenience as he/she will be provided with plenty of space to take a nap. For obedient dogs who are already used to riding in the back seat, you can set up a mesh barrier. The protective mesh does not allow dogs to get on the front seats and distract a driver. We would like to stress that a mesh barrier is extremely useful for short trips. It can be installed literally in any type of car but it is especially great for sedans and hatchbacks. Car Seats and Barriers 46454: Ajustable Car Barrier Pet Suv Dog Safety Travel Car Barrier For Pets Mesh Back -> BUY IT NOW ONLY: $44.4 on eBay!
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This type of car dog barrier utilizes a micro mesh type of material, which allows you to see your pet much more easily than the metal tube style dog barriers. The net is attached to a pop up wire frame. This prevents the net from sagging and makes it super easy to install and uninstall. The net’s side panels are adjustable which makes it suitable for vehicles from small cars to full-size SUVs.Mesh dog gates for cars are lightweight and easy to see through. They have a pop-up design (similar to pop-up tents) that makes them effortless to install and uninstall. Because the side panels are adjustable, our mesh dog gates for cars will easily fit into your car, truck or SUV. The mesh netting is attached to a crescent shaped wire frame that runs along the interior roof of your car, which prevents sagging of the net and allows you to assemble and disassemble quickly and easily. If you're looking to buy just one dog gate for cars to use in multiple vehicles at different times, then our mesh vehicle pet barriers are your best bet because most of them are interchangeable among various vehicles and models. Many of our metal dog gates for cars are made for specific vehicle types and models and are not interchangeable. The Mesh Barrier by Emanuele Bianchi is designed to work with the Kar 9 Keeper, the WalkyGuard or on its own. It is the ideal solution for keeping your pet from getting in the front through your bucket seats or into the rear of vans, station wagons, or SUVs. Made of durable nylon mesh, the barrier is fastened to the front seats thanks to resistant nylon belts and reinforced with removable fiberglass rods to maintain structure and stability. The quick release buckles make the barrier detachable in seconds.The Pet Net Mesh Car Barrier for Dogs makes traveling with your pet companions safer and easier than ever before! Statistics show that most auto accidents are caused by distracted drivers. The Pet Net Mesh Car Barrier for Dogs is created to fit almost any vehicle including cars, vans, SUV's, and trucks. The Pet Net Mesh Car Barrier for Dogs bungee attachment system allows for quick and easy set up with no permanent hardware to be mounted. By setting up this "see through" barrier, the pet has visible access but is kept from interfering with the driver. In some vehicles with a rear cargo area, installing The Pet Net Mesh Car Barrier for Dogs in the rear can keep pets away from all passengers which is very helpful when driving with both pets and children! Available in both standard 24" and large 34".

How to measure: Measure from approximately the top of the headrest down the back of a front seat and estimate the length of the area that needs to be covered between the two front seats.