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Microwave heat disc. No wires, no scalding water. Provides up to 10 hours of safe, gentle warmth in 3 easy steps. Place Snuggle Safe in microwave oven for 5 minutes; put under your pet's bedding; Snuggle Safe provides safe, all-night warmth. 8-1/2 inches in diameter. Plush 100% polyeseter fleece cover with Velcro closure, provides comfort and protects your pet from direct contact with the Snuggle Safe Heatpad
Reviews for the Snuggle Safe Pet Bed Microwavable Heating Pad are exceptionally good.
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The SnuggleSafe Heat Pad is about the size of a plate. Just place it inside your microwave about 6 minutes, depending upon your appliance's specifications. Use it year round for to ease the aches and pains of our senior pets and to comfort new puppies. Safe and soothing warmthNon-electrical, simply heat up in your microwavePlate-size pad easily fits under your pet's bedProvides up
Photo provided by FlickrSnuggle Safe Microwave Heat Pad is great for heating pet beds
Photo provided by FlickrSnuggle Safe Pet Bed Microwave Heating Pad
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The Original MyWarmPet Heat Pad - Microwave Pet Heating Pad (Pet Warmer, Microwavable Safe Heated Pet Pads) *** Quickly view this special dog product, click the image : Dog Beds and FurnitureSimply place the warming pad inside and set the time based on the wattage of your microwave. When finished, leave the pad to sit inside for an additional minute. Once completed, the heating pad is now ready for your pet to enjoy.Snuggle Safe Microwave Heat Pad Is Great For Heating Pet Beds. Up To 12 Hours Of Longlasting Warmth Your Pets Will Love The Warmth Of Snuggle Safe Thermapool At Home Or Traveling. Heat In Microwave For Only 5 Minutes (Depending On Power Of Microwave) And Then Pop It Under Your Pet'S Bedding. 6 Minutes In 800 Watt Microwave Provides All The Heat Of A Regular Hot Water Bottle For Up To 12 Hours. Up To 12 Hours Of Warmth Quick And Safe No Wires Bite Resistant Perfect Travel Companion Ideal For Newborn, Convalescing And Eldery Pets. Free Cover Included Reviews For Snugglesafe Arthritic Pets Try Joint MaxAllow your pet to snuggle up with up to 10 hours of safe, soothing warmth with the Pet Supply Imports SnuggleSafe Heating Pad. The plate-size pad contains no electric wires to worry about. Just place the SnuggleSafe inside your microwave, select Full Power, and set the timer according to how many watts your microwave pumps out. See the included chart for watts and times. When the microwave has finished, leave the SnuggleSafe inside for another minute. The non-toxic thermapol compound inside the pad retains heat for up to 10 hours. Do not exceed the recommended heating times. Overheating can damage the SnuggleSafe and may cause injury. Do not allow pets to bite or chew it. Ideal for newborn, convalescing and elderly pets.If you are worried about using an electric product to keep your pet warm, a great option for cats and smaller dogs is the VERY popular . It has been around for quite a while now (16 years), is very easy to use and your pet will love it. It is pretty small, around the size of a plate, so it works best for smaller animals. You just put it in the microwave for a few minutes and it will provide up to 10 hours of heat for your pet. What is great about these heating pads is that you can use them at home or take them if you are traveling somewhere that your pet may get cold. The best thing is that you don’t have to worry about any kind of safety hazard that may come about from using an electric pad (wires!). Snuggly Safe beds are used widely by vets, breeders, and rescue centers. If you have a pet who loves to chew stuff, this isn’t the right product for you, since you aren’t supposed to let your pets chew it. They are made by a and imported to the States by .Pet Lover’s #1 Choice Heating Pad- the MyWarmPet is used and recommended by vets, breeders, rescue centers, kennels and catteries worldwide. With no wires, toxic materials or required assembly, the MyWarmPet is the best and safest way to keep your pet’s favorite spot cozy
The MOTA MyWarmPet quickly heats up in your microwave in a matter of minutes. Non-electrical, plate-sized heat pad provides up to 12 hours of continuous safe and soothing warmth. Comes with a cute jacket to add some comfort for your little ones
This pet warmer heating pad is more compact than a heatmat with the same functionality, ideal for new puppies to cuddle up with cold nights, or to supply heat to older pets. Set it in your pet’s beds and see them enjoy the added comfort