Midwest Pet Barrier Model #10 - 4-Bar Configuration

Midwest Pet Barrier Model #11 - 6-Bar Configuration
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MidWest® Tubular Barriers help keep your pet off the rear of your vehicle. It also keeps your pet in safety and away from the driver and passenger seat. Tabular Barriers fit most Sports utility vehicles and van and feature a unique and adjustable design that can be used either in horizontal or vertical manner. In addition, it also has soft brace pads which protect your interior and keep your pets away from the barriers. Price varies depending on size selected.
Vehicle Pet Barrier - Midwest Pet Products
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The adjustable wire mesh vehicle pet barrier / dog barrier by MidWest Homes for Pets safely keeps your pet dog in the cargo area of your vehicle away from the driver and the passengers creating a safer environment for your pet and pet parents alike… Midwest Model 13 Vehicle Pet Barrier - Midwest Pet Products
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Photo provided by FlickrMidWest Wire Mesh Vehicle Pet Barrier
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It keeps the dog to rear of your car, safely away from the driver and other people in the car, so it will not cause any distraction to both the driver and passengers. Midwest wire mesh dog car barrier is fully adjustable so as to fit into many car sizes comfortably, and thus, it is easy to install. Its rubber components protect your pet and the interior of your car, and black electro-coated finish shines to make it visible.