Midwest Quiet Time Fashion Pet Bed - Pink - 24 in

Fashion meets function with the Midwest Pet Quiet Time Fashion Color Bolstered Pet Bed
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As the MidWest Fashion bed reviewed herein, this Quiet Time pet bed by Midwest is an innovative and highly comfortable 24-inch accessory with a striking grey theme that stimulates dogs. It is comfortable, recommended for dogs weighing 11 to 25 pounds, and has a functional standalone design that you can travel with on your numerous trips. The ultra-soft synthetic fur used to line its interior is machine washable. Its non-stick base prevents it from slipping, while its affordability benefits individuals with a tight budget.
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MidWest Quiet Time Fashion Pet Bed The Midwest Quiet Time Dog Bed is perfect for usage in dog crates, carriers, pet dog homes, and automobiles. Insulation helps keep your family pet cool in the summer season and warm in the winter, and it folds easily for storage and travel. The cushioned poly/cotton bed is device washable. 263967, Midwest Quiet Time Fashion Pet Bed - Pink - 24 in
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Midwest quiet time pet bed is a useful bed for your pet. It is specially made for your puppy, dog, and pet. Midwest quiet time fashion pet bed is very easy to use and it is a most comfortable pet bed. If you want, you can use it as crates, carriers, dogs bed and dog house.Sometimes we face a problem when we go out with our pet. This time we find something easy and fashionable for our pet so that we can carry them easily. As your need, Midwest quiet time pet bed is perfect and it’s fashionable. On the other hand, sometimes when your guest or relatives visit your home, they may find your pet in a very uneasy situation. But Midwest quiet fashionable pet bed may relieve you from these types of situation and your pet may find a very comfortable place on this. So you can use it as crates, carriers when you go out and use as a pet bed when you are at home.Midwest quiet time pet fashion pet bed is specially made from the cotton base, comfortable polyester that helps you to keep your pet cool in summer and warm your pet in winter. So your dog may love it very much. No artificial ingredients are used in making it. So it is safe to use and helpful. You may also find it very easy to wash in the machine and it’s removable.Midwest Home for Pets has another set of beautiful ultra-soft synthetic fur pet beds. This colorful pet bed is the Quiet Time Fashion Pet Beds. These quality pet beds under the 40200 series offer a variety of colorful fashionable bolster pet beds for your lovely pets. Colors include : Pink, Periwinkle, Tangerine, Powder Blue, Buttercup, Seafoam Green and White. It is made from the comfortable polyester with filled bolsters and Cushioned polycotton base. Definitely, this bed is machine washable.These great Midwest Quiet Time beds now come in fashionable colors. Feature Synthetic Fur and are ideal for Use in Crates, Carriers, Dog Houses, Vehicles and more. Keeps Pets Cool in the Summer, Warm in the Winter. Bed Color Conceals Shedding Completely Machine WashableMidwest Homes for Pets offer these great carrier pet beds for your pets. The MidWest Quiet Time Fashion Pet Bed & Crate Mat are the most comfortable carrier pet beds available in the market today. It is made form Cushioned Poly/Cotton Base and Plush, as well as ultra-soft durable chenille that makes it more reliable in terms of protection during weather changes. It is removable, and machine washable. They are sized specifically to fit most manufactured plastic carriers.