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At Pets Best Insurance, we understand that most pet owners will do quite a bit of research before choosing the best plan for themselves and their pets. Perhaps for this reason, websites are growing in popularity. Shoppers can plans, fill out a form and receive quotes from multiple pet insurance companies at once. It sounds easy, but are they too good to be true? Maybe.
Several pet insurance companies offer multi-pet insurance plans and discounts if you have more than one furry friend. Find the right plan for you.
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And within each category, you may have options to choose from, such as silver, gold, platinum; good, better, best; level 1, level 2, level 3.

In any case, these plans allow you to spread out your bill payments, rather than paying one larger invoice once or twice a year. By bundling services, it allows you to provide excellent pet care without wondering about the financial consequences every time. Best of all, early detection of blood work abnormalities and physiologic changes could help add precious years to the life of your beloved companion.

Pet insurance
There are multiple plans. Some refund part of “routine” physical exams and vaccines. But the most valuable part of a good pet insurance plan is to cover most of the cost of an unexpected major illness or injury.

It can be tough to budget for such unpredictable events. Are you financially prepared for a broken leg? surgery and chemotherapy? Abdominal surgery after your cat or your dog swallows a toy that causes a blockage? Such unforeseen veterinary bills can cost thousands of dollars. The solution is a good pet insurance plan, which can cover 80% or more of diagnostics and veterinary care. It can put your mind at ease when faced with unexpected, expensive treatments.

A common concern that pet guardians seem to have with pet insurance is that they feel they have somehow wasted their money if their pet doesn’t need extravagantly expensive medical care. This reasoning is the same as complaining that your car was never totaled, although you’ve paid for car insurance for years!

Pet insurance, like any insurance, should not be considered an investment. It was designed to ensure that in case of a crisis, you will survive without wiping out your savings or losing your pet. Insurance is there to provide peace of mind. Feb 2, 2012 - Shoppers can compare pet insurance plans, fill out a form and receive quotes from multiple pet insurance companies at once
Photo provided by FlickrPurchase pet wellness insurance to cover preventative care visits that help your pet stay healthy. Compare multiple plans from all 12 insurers for free!
Photo provided by FlickrPet Insurance plans to fit every budget and household. Whether you have a cat, dog or multiple pets, compare our insurance plans today.
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How much does pet insurance cost?
Plans start at about $16 per month. offer the same great 80% coverage for accidents, illnesses and injuries; the only difference is the deductible and coverage limits you choose. Rates are determined by the age, breed and location of your pet, so you can be sure you’re only paying for the coverage your pet needs. to find out exactly what it would cost to insure your pet. Discounts are available in most states when you insure multiple pets.The principle is similar to our own health insurance plans. Different levels of coverage are available for different premiums. Generally it is cheaper to start insuring when your pet is young and healthy than when older and more prone to illness. Premiums can be paid monthly, quarterly or annually and many companies offer discounts for direct deposits or multiple pets. There is usually a co-payment or deductible amount to pay on each condition and some companies also charge a percentage of the total cost of treatment if the pet is above a certain age. Many policies have the premium rate linked to the age when first insured. Premiums and the deductible tend to increase as the pet gets older.Petplan offers a few different ways to save on your pet insurance policy, including a 5% discount just for purchasing online. While it no longer offers discounts on plans covering multiple pets or for veterinary professionals, you can also take 10 percent off your policy premium if your dog works in medical services or if you are in the military.BestBenefit plans from Pets Best offer comprehensive pet insurance coverage that pays on your actual veterinary bill for unexpected incidents like emergencies and illnesses. With multiple levels of coverage, BestBenefit plans can be customized to meet the pet insurance needs of your four-legged family member, and your budget.