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I am feeding my pet bearded dragon I recorded this from I pod comment and subscribe.
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I just was scrolling through the answers here looking for any closure for the recent loss of my dragon, but as it turns out I can help with yours. Tomato leaves are quite toxic to some animals, this could have been what caused it. As a warning to all Beardie owners scrolling by, please always watch and care for your animal when you have them out of their vivarium. This is where so many accidents can happen, and it’s simply not worth the life of your pet to be doing something other than watching them while they’re out.
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Hello! I read many many comments and question on here! Great site!! I was wondering if you could help me. I rescued a baby Beardie (Actually 3 of died the same day.. the other grew Fast and was re-homed). This one, I kept. She seemed to need more care. She is probably close to 12″ and is over a year and half old. Her growth was stunted from such poor conditions. They were found in the basement of a moved-out tenant next door. I took them and tried to save them. I hired an online reptile vet to help. The suggestion was to bath them in Pedialite (For dehydrated babies).. and it save this two lives!!! Anyways.. my question now is that I AM scared of her! LOL I am not a reptile nut. I have now bonded with her.. I pet her through the glass… and she closes her eyes and loves it! I want to REALLY pet her.. but I am scared! What is the best way to get over this and let her know that I am friendly as well?? When i put my hand in.. she always thinks I have FOOD as that is the normal situation. But I want to PET her!! I want to take her out and not call my SON to get her for me… I Know she knows my voice and loves my Pets through glass 😉 She was VERY nervous for a long time.. I supposed from what she had been through.. I want to bond with her in a one and one.. Please help us if you can? Many thanks!! What Should I Name My Bearded Dragon? - Small Pets - LoveToKnow
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There’s a myriad of factors that can cause your Bearded Dragon to stop eating. Everything here focuses on a lack of appetite and what can cause it if your bearded dragon is not eating.Most novice bearded dragon keepers end up with a dead pet because of misinformation. Avoid this painful experience!

Here is what my guide will show you!My 10 and 12 year old boys have a bearded dragon, which I myself think is great, and really enjoy him. Mr. Bruce, as we call him, is an excellent pet. I would recommend one to anyone.This is Steve-O, he is my beloved bearded dragon. Every night we snuggle until he falls asleep, then he is tucked into bed. Every morning he waits for me to uncover him to wake him up. It has been the same ritual for 2 years now, ever since he was a baby (see my other videos to see me waking him up as a baby).
After I wake him up, I love on him and talk to him, then his light is turned on and I place him under his heat light on the other side of his tank (the red glowing light). He sits under it while I eat breakfast. When I finish, I prepare his breakfast. His breakfast on this morning consisted of dandelion greens and superworms. On this particular morning he was not really hungry, witch is no problem, he will have some snacks when I get home from my classes.
This video really shows how Steve-O is not food driven and enjoys human company. He is my baby and I love him more than any other pet I have ever owned. He is one of the family and my mother even makes him pillows, blankets and calls him her grandlizard lol
I hope you all enjoy this video and see how great a bearded dragon can be as a pet. I will post more videos of Steve just being himself so subscribe if you want to see more!I just went to an infectious disease conference last week. Bearded Dragons are not appropriate for young children unless you care for them correctly. Bearded Dragons have been linked for spreading Salmonella Cotham. As the popularity of this specie increases, as does the Salmonella Cotham. The median age of people sick with Salmonella Cotham is 3 years old, averaging to 5 years old. 37% of children with presented illness, end up hospitalized. Children at this age don’t wash their hands as often, and certainly not after handling their dragon. They are also the ones most likely to kiss or cuddle the lizard. Salmonella is also spread by the lizard as it walks around on surfaces, whether it leaves its droppings behind of not. So, to prevent Salmonella illness, wash hands after every handling and be conscientious of where you let it roam. Young children my be rolling or crawling in the same spaces. A conscientious pet store will tell you the risks and advise against the ownership of this reptile if you have young children. I’m not saying it’s not a good pet. I’m just saying, with each pet there are risks and you should do all your homework on the animal first and make sure you care for it correctly to protect it and your family.Bearded Dragons are my favorite pet lizards. They are highly interactive and relatively easy to care for. In the wild they live in arid, rocky environments.