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Only Natural Pet announced that it is expanding its retail presence in its home state of Colorado with the official opening of its second store on December 17 in Aspen. This popular skiing and outdoor recreation community is well-suited for an Only Natural Pet store because the residents, visitors and pets reflect and enjoy the healthy natural lifestyle that is core to the brand. The company will open the new 2,000-square-foot Only Natural Pet store on the Cooper Avenue pedestrian mall in the central retail and entertainment district of Aspen. Opening events will be held Dec. 17 and 18, just in time for the height of the holiday ski season. The new store will feature a comprehensive collection of Only Natural Pet products including holistic, paleo-inspired natural foods featuring wholesome high-protein recipes that are dehydrated, freeze-dried and air-dried to offer healthy diets that bring dogs and cats back to their ancestral wolf and wildcat roots. The Aspen store will carry a variety of Only Natural Pet products including pet food, treats, chews, vitamins, supplements and other pet solutions, as well as additional brands that share its natural brand philosophy including home-grown Colo.-based brands such as Hoot & Co. and Down Dog Snacks. The new store will also carry eco-chic gift products like collars, leashes, clothing and toys.
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We are so excited to announce that Only Natural Pet is expanding its Colorado retail presence by opening its second store next week in Aspen! The , which is located on the Cooper Avenue Mall in the central retail and entertainment district, will open Saturday, December 17 at the peak of the holiday and ski season. There is a special ribbon cutting ceremony on Dec. 17 at 10 a.m. if you can make it – of course, pets are welcome! Big Shrimpy Den Pocket Bed for Pets - Only Natural Pet
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And of course, Only Natural Pet will be on site at the Dog Demo Park with samples and a demo of our popular products, dehydrated dog food that becomes a freshly made stew in 10 minutes by just adding water. This paleo inspired, high protein, low carb dog food is ideal for healthy pets and coincidentally, extreme sports athletes.Throughout the past 10 years, Only Natural Pet has remained true to its belief that a natural lifestyle contributes to a longer and healthier life for one’s pet. The company is committed to educating consumers on important pet health topics through its extensive Holistic Healthcare Library, which houses more than 200 articles and videos to help customers improve their pet’s health. In addition, Only Natural Pet is a founding member of the Pet Industry Sustainability Project, which strives to make the planet healthier for both humans and their pets. Only Natural Pet works closely with other industry leaders to set standards that cover everything from efficient facilities to sustainable products.“Only Natural Pet was founded when I realized that while I was thriving on a healthy, natural lifestyle, my dog was struggling on conventional pet foods and treatments,” said Marty Grosjean, founder and CEO of Only Natural Pet. “I started feeding my dog a natural, healthy diet that also included natural supplements and saw great strides in her health. As a result, I realized that I someone needed to make it easier for all consumers to buy natural products for their pets, and Only Natural Pet was born.”Only Natural Pet signed an exclusive contract with PetSmart, so only they sell the food. That said, ONP is owned by ONP and is produced in bolder, Colorado by their own small wind powered plant. In fact they own a physical store there, where they sell their own food (which takes a lot of confidence in your product). Personally, I’m a huge fan of their kibble (Powerfood), their MaxMeat formulas, and their Wholesome Homemade dehydrated stew. 🙂